Alpha restrictions. It's time to let go, CCP

You’re taking quite a few liberties with your interpretations.

The A16z thing is an entirely different project (Project Awakening.) It’s not money they can take to run EVE Online or to keep the company afloat.

The Pearl Abyss acquisition allowed them to do things like scarcity, that was very unpopular, but needed to happen for the longevity and health of the game. As for the other reasons for CCP selling, that’s all ramifications that stem back to the summer of rage over a decade ago, well before alphas were introduced to the player base.

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If you can fly a Titan after one week of playing, or on an unpaid alpha account, THEN this game is dead.
This game has a pretty unique way of player binding. And it works.

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You CAN actually fly a titan after a week of playing, it’ll just cost you a bit of money to do so.

There are 2 ways:

Buy skill injectors.

Buy a titan character.

That still wont give you experience in how to actually fly it without losing it.


They can repeat the process until they can finally survive as a titan pilot. :wink:


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Why did they accept it then?

edit: I responded to a question you didn’t ask.

It’s for a separate project. The 40 million is for a cryptocurrency project called project awakening. It has nothing to do with EVE other than using the same ip.

If you have the isk to purchase it without being able to equip it properly and operate it why not , it will not make any big impact in the game

Hey I created a new thread related to one of your posts regarding the tau clone. Feel free to share your thoughts here

Something that can be added to alpha are the T2 Battlship-size weapons. Like T2 cruise missile launchers etc. Since alphas can already use the T2 versions of medium and small weapons, it makes sense that they should be given access to the Large weapons too, since they also have access to battleships

How about,


I like how the freeloaders think they have a position to ask for more stuff.

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well the more you call us freeloaders the less likely new players will stay on in this game. And in the end, this game will suffer due to its toxic community

The game was at its height in the 10+ years before Alpha clones even existed, I’m pretty sure it would survive if they were removed again.

Perhaps, but the major decline in population didn’t come after Alphas were introduced, it came before. Booting Alphas out would cause a major drop in the pcu count, which could potentially cause a failure cascade in server population.

That said, I do think it would be interesting to ban Alphas for a month, just to see what would happen.

So 2006 - 2007? If you even played back then, you’re likely remembering the game with rose tinted glasses. EVE is a much better game now than it was back then.

The truth hurts buddy. I get it. But your piddly little venture mining op is just a drop in the bucket (eve-economy). As for the real revenue being generated, well, freeloaders don’t contribute one iota.

That’s why I think CCP should do away with the alpha clone and go back to a restrictive 2 week trial period.

If you ain’t payin’ you shouldn’t be playin’

If you find that offensive, that’s on you buddy.

So what would it take to get you to sub? While ccp has given alphas room to play, and plenty of options to give them money, in the end theyd want you to sub.

I am quite interested to see what would happen if there is a ban on alphas. They should do it temporarily and see what’s the damage :smiling_imp:

but man, you people live in an echo chamber on the EVE forums

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^The tears would be enormous, lol.

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CCP’s tears would be enormous too :smiling_imp:


Hmm, so offering a counter point, and pointing out how ludicrous it is to watch freeloader demand more stuff is just us living in an echo chamber….


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