Alpha restrictions. It's time to let go, CCP

The Alpha/Omega has objectively failed and it did so within a couple of months on release.

And there is a simple reason too. Veterans will never be like “im just going to play as an alpha” and Alphas are never going to be like, sure i will pay $20 per month for broader access.

The solution? Make everyone equal. Take the short term hit in revenue, reorganise the company so you are still cash flow positive, and then begin the arduous task of fixing the most commonly reported issues and implement the most commonly requested features.

Within a couple years the game will be in a new golden age and everyone can feel better about themselves

In other words, reduce headcount to accommodate player demands ?
Lol, you don’t like Mondays, do you.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. Fair enough then. Does not change my point about contracts restrictions though. But that is the only thing that alphas could get, because it is QoL, there is no reason giving them anything else from OP’s list.

You can’t really say any of that to be true without knowing the actual figures behind how many omega and alphas there are, along with how many people people transition between the two. (And what methods they use to do so.) Then try to contrast that with how things would have been in another situation (which is impossible to know exactly because that reality doesn’t exit.)

CCP has those initial numbers, and it’s still difficult for them because there are a lot of factors that play into how people make decisions.

For example, I’ve given tons of money to both DE (Warframe) and Riot (League of Legends) because I like their monetization policy. Obviously, I’ve enjoyed their games too, but that’s a baseline. If I thought their monetization was abusive, I would have dropped the game as soon as I found out about it. (I wouldn’t touch diablo immortal with a 10 foot pole.)

With people making decisions like that, perceptions of p2w or having any f2p option at all (some people like sub only games,) will color their opinion of the game. It’s quite difficult to parse through all that and determine what is best of the game in terms of profit.

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You should only do one of the 3 models. Hybrid models does not work EVE online is a good example.

What are the 3 models?

  • Single charge up front, for example Baldurs Gate 3.
  • Free to play, with various monetezation options in-game, for example Path of Exile
  • Active Subscription for example EVE online pre-2016

CCP/EVE was killing it when they had the last option, and when they started introducing the second option essentially going hybrid the players rioted and the rest is history. Game has been in decline since. Worst part? Everyone tells themselves its not CCP fault and its just that the game is old and players are stupid.

Thats all.

If i may add, the main goal in your company should not be to profit because you will end up divising all kinds of terrible plans to accomplish that.

I mean if your business plan is “Make money” you are likely not going to make it.

What’s your definition of “does not work?” Because EVE has been running for 20 years… 7.5 years since Alphas were introduced.

The actual numbers don’t agree with your assertions. There was a massive decline in player base before Alphas were introduced, and the only rioting I’ve personally heard about, was due to the summer of rage incident regarding the Incarna expansion (and things happening around that time) and reactions to scarcity.

You can’t even say the drop off in concurrent players after Alphas were introduced were those players lacking interest without hard data to back up your claim.

For all you know, the drop off was entirely due to the previous trend continuing, and the only reason it didn’t drop to 10k (or lower) is because alphas bolstered their numbers. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but I equally can’t say it didn’t… because I don’t have the actual figures to say one way other the other.

Player numbers are generally up ever since uprising.

This is not how the world works. if companies don’t make profit, they stop existing.

They still need to make sure the company is long term viable. That’s not an indictment against making profit, it merely means you can’t make decisions that will make profit in the short term at the expense of the product’s longevity.

In other words, the objective of “making a good game” and “making profit” are not mutually exclusive.

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They have raised money several times since then + they get money from Iceland Government. Its actually kind of disgusting :slight_smile:

Nevertheless hybrid models stunt growth and eventually kills the game caus people stop p(l)aying

the objective of “making a good game” and “making profit” are not mutually exclusive.

The worlds most popular game is arguably Minecraft. If you asked Notch i dont think he made it for profit. Turned out to be a big success anyway.

The more you care about money the less you are going to make.

Prices of what? If you make the right choices, the sub is cheaper than it ever was.

1/4 of our business within USIA, we utilize alpha clones for accumulation of epic arcs to sell faction standings

We are in agreement.

And I personally believe that CCP should go back to the 100% subscription model, and drop this freemium nonsense.


CCP does market the game as Free-to-play, so it should be no surprise that many players expect more free content. If you want this changed, speak to CCP to change their marketing to something like, “free trial version, unlocks when you sub”.

I normally don’t reply to these “ALPHA BAD; OMEGA GOOD” comments because their writers usually don’t put in much thought, but I need players to understand that when people join this game, they join because thry think it is free.

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Pretty much all the top things are the things make alpha matter, mainly with ships, all the cool things.

The bottom part PI just affects a few industrialists who want to make mass passive income with alpha accounts.

If alpha restrictions dont matter then what is the point.

Yes skill points matter but once you have enough for the ship you want on a char you dont need anymore so back up chars trained for Redeamers black ops battle ship for cynos and defence will be the new thing.

Current alpha restrictions have people using alphas as back up home defence battle cruisers, if any higher ship are allowed that will be the new meta, if you allow capitals it will be alpha carriers and dreads.

Personaly I do want cynos on alpha account, but restrictions exist because matering give incentive to person plopping money or plex. Whatever is the limit for alpha that is what will be used, and in mass by major players.

Example if major line ships like battleships and tech 2 cruisers, or even non-titan capitals are allowed to be alpha you will have whole invasions done by alpha characters, and even multiple ones which are alternated at different staging or defence position without any need to commit a main omega character, or even needing one period.

Are you referring to plex for good? A charity that has nothing to do with their business? except maybe a tax write off - assuming Iceland allows for such?

Tons of companies get subsidies from the countries they reside in. The entire US farming sector receives money from the government.

Again, where’s your evidence? I’m not even saying you’re wrong, but I am saying you can’t expect people to just believe blanket statements like that.

Minecraft was a fluke, so it’s pretty silly to use it as an example, but he absolutely did expect to make something off of it. You don’t sell a product without expecting a return.

Again, unsubstantiated. There are certainly situations where being greedy for money will tank a company, but it’s not a blanket truth. Big pharma in the United States is a good example of this. Their business practices make them pretty evil, but they certainly make more than they would otherwise.

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I think it would be interesting if CCP would run a test, where all alphas were suspended for a month so CCP can get the data on how it affects their business.

That would be interesting

no its not ! thats a “ban” for this month ! some alpha´s wouldt come back ! potential player they would buy an omega ! if they leave they dont buy an omega !

In 2018 Pearl Abyss bailed out CCP and this year A16z bailed CCP out. What surprises me is that they allow the CEO to stay. I mean who else to blame for the games decline? The players?

eve is dieing oh no…

btw … why do we need someone to blame to a good running game ? Oo

i know which person i wanna blame if its start to crash :wink: @Rtsu and all the other doombringer in this forum !

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