Alpha Strike for Omegas

ALPHA STRIKE for Omegas: Grab an Arty trasher and alpha an Alpha in the face :rofl:

//Same text and image what i’ve posted to twitter.


Im reporting you in game for Rookie Griefing which is against the EULAandTOS.

Enjoy your ban griefer

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You made me sad… Oh wait… Its only against EULA and TOS if you do it in starter system / career agent systems / epic arc systems. So please first read the rules, then try to blame others. Also an alpha char doesn’t means that the player is a rookie…


I like how this art is better 1000 times than what CCP gave us as illustration for the past two events.


READ the RULES of the GAME before COMPLAIN. This is a game, FYI and most of the laws are not working here (corp heist, scam etc.) the oly thing works here is the RULES. And rookie griefing (also i’ve never said “shoot rokies in the face” i told “shoot ALPHAS in the face”) is OKEY if you do it outside the specified systems. But you complaining on a picture… The time you have wasted by reacting this topic, would have been better invested in playing Eve.



Okay guys I’ve had to clean this thread up a lot. Just to be clear, according to the updated Rookie Griefing Policy it is okay to target alphas with arty thrashers as long as it’s not in one of the systems listed.

Moving on, please be respectful and if you’re going to shoot alphas, just don’t be jerks about it, okay?


Finally, thank you! I only made it for fun, and most of ppl got it… nvm. Thanks again!

Sit in a wormhole 20km off the high sec static in a Cynabal with 3 sensor boosters running scan resolution scripts. Those Magnates and Herons never even see it coming. Wait what? I never ever do that - check my killboard! (this is my industry/mining alt?)

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AFAIK, there is nothing in game that displays whether a player is an alpha clone or an omega. Also, just because you’re an omega clone doesn’t mean there is no risk involved when engaging a player you believe to be an alpha. I don’t know what an “arty trasher” is but i’m sure my Algos’ salvagers will consume it’s wreckage with no concerns about the clone state of the player who was recently piloting it.

  1. You’re wrong
  2. You’re whining

Arya acts like that because is a resident forum troll. :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t it just another of Carrie-Anne’s alts?

They seem easy to spot, though maybe there’s more than one uber crazy here.

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These are even all similar looking. Looks like a low effort forum alts just for posting. :thinking:


Its a Thrasher with artillery-cannons and typically no tank(It only needs a very good alphadamage). I´ve got a stack of them, with T2 guns though. I also tend to shoot rather stuff with them, that shoots back, normally. Thats more fun.

What is the point of this thread?

General discussion. :sunglasses:

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Aaah! Silly me.
Carry on then!

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