Alternative to Attribute Implants

Here is my alternative to attribute implants (thereby freeing up more slots for skill hard-wiring and reducing hard wiring overloads for certain slots like number 6).

Every year on the character’s birthday add 5 additional attribute points to the character (or even make it per account pegged to the oldest character and select which character to give the points to). This would apply to Omega accounts only and the max number of points in a given attribute should be capped at 99.

What does the EVE community think of this proposal ?



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tenor (3)

So this idea isn’t about redesigning implants,

You want to train faster and at the same time say:

■■■■ you new players!


You’re supposed to put your horrible ideas in the horrible idea subforum where nobody will see them, OP.


The best idea is just delete attributes all together.
They are an outdated concept that doesn’t actually add value.

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I don’t think this is a horrible idea.

That’s interesting, because it’s actually terrible.

No Colonel Sanders, you’re wrong. I’m right.

Just keep 1 jump clone for training implants and swap out for whatever combat clone you are using.

We do not need yet more ways to skill farm.

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