Am i the only one lagging like the world is gonna end?

is anyone else experiencing lags like the world is gonna end ? Since about 3 weeks game runs very bad with some gate commands taking up to 30 reatempts , PI commands also not working , in fights your modules not working for 1-2 minutes then dissapearing then you appear as a capsule , then in aship again applying dmg . I tried reinstalling , vid drivers are up to date, i use potato mode lowered graphics in fights -pc is sleeping 10% utilisation Ram at 40% GPU 10% . I dont see any network problems.

Sounds like you have ISP routing issues, packet loss or someone on the same modem is maxing out your connection (generally uploads with torrents).


Where do you live ?
I’m in Japan and am suffering for the same situation for past few weeks.
Majority of Japanese players are annoyed with the trouble as well.

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I notice something at the gate, after one of the recent 19.x patches I now have to mash the jump at a gate to get my ship to go through. I changed nothing on my end. Rest of the game appears to be ok, so far…

My whole alliance is having same issues guess its server related nothing we can do about it.

reinstall windows / linux

Looking at how many posts of little consequence you just hammered out, I have to ask what you are trying to accomplish.

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Nah, I like to post on my alt occasionally and read your noob posts

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