Amarr Nexus Chips

In order to spend LP for a special ship in the LP store, you need a Nexus chip. I have googled, asked in rookie help, and asked in general corp chat.

Everyone says LP store. But, it is NOT there. I have looked at LP stores for over 20 AMARR corporations.

Could someone please enlighten me on exactly what entity sells the AMARR nexus chips? And please, do not say “buy one on the market” :slight_smile:

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for more things amarr consult the tutucox handbook :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, this is a useful website for finding who sells what.

i grinded carthum conglomerate for amarr research agents long time ago

How DARE you raise your own standings instead of paying your bestest forum buddy in the whole wide galaxy to raise them for you :angry:

@Lentulus_Sulla there are two types of Nexus chips. The “regular” kind are procured in R&D corp LP stores. You can use the Fuzzworks LP Store Tool to help you find which LP store sells a specific item you want (if an LP store does in fact sell it). Note that some items are exclusive or semi-exclusive to certain corps. Nexus chips are exclusive to R&D corps, some navy faction items (drones, ships, etc) are exclusive to FW NPC corps, etc. The drone kind of nexus chip needed to manufacture integrated and augmented drones are found in rogue drone data sites.

it was a long time ago :sweat: :anguished:

i was not aware of your excellent services at the time

Thank you all so much


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