What are Nexus Chips used for?

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I want to know what are Nexus Chips, what purpose do they serve & how to use them?

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That is a great find. You can turn them in at a Sisters of EVE station in their LP Store for a BPC of a Nestor, Stratios, or Astero (depending on the kind of chip you got).

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Sorry- Blue Print Copy. It will be a one-run copy of a blueprint that will let you (or somebody you trust) build the ship. You will still need to supply the materials, but they can be mined or purchased for much less than the ship itself would cost on the market.

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That’s good… Though it broke my heart a bit thinking that it is only a tradable item and not a consumable giving the ability it describes :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Believe me, an awesome SoE ship is a whole lot cooler :wink:

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