Amarr Terror in Arcades!

Amarr Terror in the secret Arcade.
Elite zones for couch potatoes trafficked as slaves!

Amarr doctrine dictates; No one plays the video games.

As the star of the show the classes continue into blood ritual!!


Lies. Everyone plays video games. And holo games. And card games.



If anybody knows of a regular poker game I would love to get in on that.


My nephews beat me in poker, and they were playing for keeps. I became 1 ISK poorer that day.


I have a sneaking suspicion you’d get along with my crew like a house on fire.

… I’m so not insured for that crap, so I’m setting up a very specific “No Ibrahim” rule for their decks.


I feel as though this is some sort of avante garde, post-modern approach to Amarr politicking on indentured servitude… What it is, I find it confusing, but can appreciate that at least someone enjoys it, regardless of how immoral…


Well … when elite zones get trafficked as slaves, is this irreal, postreal or imaginary?

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Your questions are bewildering!

What perception that held thee in slavery is under scrutiny?

There are many ways to be free and the same with slavery.

Buy an elite zone with the bells and whistles and maybe a beer girl for the opening night and in a year you should have some regular loggers and a coffee bar part owner.

Yet it is not a place easily found. Low Sec! with gate camps 24/7.

Who gets paid for not putting the establishment in information yet there is a sponsorship?

A ship who sinks.


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