Amarr Trade Registry Raid Uncovers Scandal!

Shocking news reaches Gutter Press from Nasreri in Genesis region, where a series of raids by Amarr Trade Registry officials found numerous scandalous artifacts, and persons engaged in scandalous behaviour !

Shoes !

Officials reported that 5000 cubic metres of illegally imported Gallente ladies shoes were found aboard a ship that had entered Amarr space in Girini-Fa, the shoes having been disguised as crates of agricultural vehicle parts.

Walnuts !

The ATR agents also conducted a bust of a party being held by a merchants association, where numerous merchants were arrested for “lewd and licentious behaviour”. One woman was reportedly apprehended wearing only “Three walnut shells and some string”, according to an agent who spoke to Gutter Press.

43 unlicenced walnuts were recovered from the scene.

Goats ?

A large quantity of Gallente-manufactured small arms and several tonnes of narcotics were also recovered from ships stopped by officials during the raid.
One ship was carrying 27 Gallente women as passengers, who gave their occupation as “talking goats”, and who claimed they were travelling for employment purposes. An ATR agent who spoke to Gutter Press said that they have no idea what that means.

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Well, I don’t know about the ladies’ shoes and the walnuts, but the more confiscated narcotics there are in the universe, the better off everyone is.

Greatly troubling is this news.

Nasreri is the home system of SFRIM, and the 5000 m^3 are obviously for the noted shoe aficionado and LUMEN Directrix @Lunarisse_Aspenstar. But parties with women wearing three walnut shells and string? I didn’t think even SFRIM was that depraved, to say nothing of the narcotics, Gallentean weapons, and goats. I mean, if SFRIM needed more Khanid livestock, they only needed to ask me, and arrangements for goats (or sheep or yaks or whatever) could have been made.

I hope poor Miss Yubari isn’t caught up in all this…

Well, there goes the neighborhood. And it seemed such a lovely place to settle.
eye roll

I am very happy to let you know that other than the station itself, nothing in this article relates to me. In the same view I would like to mention that I strongly doubt that any of this is related to SFRIM and Directrix Phonaga (Lunarisse Aspenstar).


Why didn’t this kind of stuff happen during the months I was at this station? :disappointed:

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Be the change you want to see in the world.


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