Amarrian Exodus

In response to Amarr religious leaders fleeing the persecutions of the Most High; Join PMP.

I feel like I’m going to regret asking this, but: what’s PMP?

Philosophy, Man-Portable.

I got nothing either.

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Predictably, most of the corporations with tickers that resemble it are named as plays on the word, “pimp.”

(Paradox Made Potable?)

You mean there is a corporation out there named “Poop In My Pod?”

The Promiscuous Monk Party, clearly.

What is PMP?
It is the pride of the galactic lay lines.

Okay, so we’re down to … “Proud Mystic … Psychometry?”

“Psychic Minmatar Party?”

Or maybe “Primarily Mythic Phantasmagoria.”

Hm. Needn’t be magical itself necessarily though.

“Post-Massacre Popsicle?” (He is in U’K after all.)

Magic is perpetrated by mages using alien brain waves to construct astral realms. It is in contention with primal forces though. The aliens are cannibals and sleep in astroid belts. But you can’t see them because the magi protect their vicious kind in order to use their oversized imaginations.

Oh. Right. It’s Ottom.

Aria, stop looking for it to make sense. He never does.

I know. It’s just fun to play around with the “almosts.”

I was a traveling explorer then and now my ultimate ambitions are almost complete. ‘Almost’ my disabled micro warp drives.

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