Ambient sounds tied to onlined citadel service modules

Light ambient sounds corresponding to a particular module’s trait (e.g. rock and metal crunching with a reprocessing array, or muffled advertisements with a market module) are heard when either docked in a structure or viewing the structure outside at close proximity.

These sounds furthermore help indicate if a structure is active or inactive. Sifting through the layers of audio cues may also assist in intel gathering if you are unable to dock with the structure to see exactly what service modules the station owner has installed.

If a service module runs out of fuel the ambient sound it adds to the station environment ceases.

Yes, Eve has sound.

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if you can tell whats online just by sound there needs to be a visual way to see the info as well, if there is a visual way to see the info the sounds become redundant

Space does not have sound.
The sound we have in space is artificially added by our camera drone technology in order to help immersion and stop us going crazy from lack of sound.
Therefore you would have to tell another way already in order to get audio.

Sure however the same argument can be made about wormhole noises indicating mass collapse. I see no reason to remove wormhole sounds just because you can also look at the wormhole or right click “show info.”

The visual identification system for citadel could also include “show info” command or some hacking mechanic (Eve Vegas dev proposal) to tell new citadel primetimes and service modules.

Wormhole collapse is a clear visual indicator already. The noise just adds onto the visual.
You are proposing being able to gather information from sound that you can not from visual.

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the wh audio also is not redundant like these would be if visual indicators were added a change to a wh you are sitting on is much more urgent than a change to a structure. as such being alerted by sound makes sense

I guess if your ship is able to scan the Citadel to find out what facilities it has and then generate some sound to pipe into your Pod Goo… but if its going to do that why not just list on a screen what it scans as running facilities.
(that’s from a lore perspective)

From a game player perspective, I am not sure if it would feel ‘right’ to hear rocks being reprocessed while sitting multiple kilometers away from a hugeass space station. probably be other sounds that would be more immersive (comms chatter, etc)

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