AMD Adrenaline crashes

When opening planetary industry or the fittings window the AMD Adrenaline driver crashes. I tried resettings the graphics driver and install the latest version but it didn’t help. This problem started with the latest visual upgrade patch (25 april).

I have the same issu. The AMD Adrenaline driver crash when I open the fitting window.

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Hi both
If you’ve not filed an EVE Bug report from the client, please do. This will help us in trying to find the root cause.
Many thanks

Same here,
Altough for me it crashes when browsing the Eve store, especially after browsing multiple the skins (which render a 3d model).

The common theme here looks to be instances in which AMD cards crsh when an extra 3d gfx layer is used (ship skin preview, PI planet view, fitting window).

I have looked for a way to fill out a bug report, but since the client freezes and the system comes down so hard it mostly requires a reboot, so I was thusfar unable to fill out a crash form.

Some extra Info for CCP to diagnose: FYI this is for 2 clients fullscreen windowed (1 on each monitor), doing the same for each client.

Being in station: 1.9 GB Vram in use

Begin in station, opening store, selecting one ship skin (which opens window with 3d preview: 2.8 GB Vram in use

Quickly switching skin previews in store while in station: Vram goes > 6GB and driver dies

Secondly CCP you seem to have a VRAM leak:
If you go to the store and click a few ship skins in succession and then clsoe the store. VRAM usage stays so this compounds over time untill you filled all VRam and the driver goes bye bye.

Hope this helps.

I have filled an EVE bug report and made a support ticket the day I made this OP.

I’ve disabled DirectX 12 for the last week and don’t have driver crashes so far. Tested DirectX 12 yesterday but still same problem with Adrenaline crashing.

I also use 2 clients in Fixed Window mode.

Same issue here. AMD, fitting window and sometimes the 3d ship preview. Also using 2 clients.

Was working fine before the Cap Day event started, but ever since this issue has occurred.

I also meet such behavior. Having two clients, opening fit window makes eve fps to 1, then after second fps restores, and after another second drops again to 1, then repeat. If i open another client, opening fit window most likely will crash AMD driver. Have AMD 5500xt 4gb and running in 2560x1080 res, fullscreen with best memory performance settings preset

Hi again, looks like after Version 21.05 patch ( 2023-06-21.1) the issue is gone. I can now freely open 5 clients and open fitting window on each whithout any issue just a small sluttering on 5th window maybe, I have a 4gb videocard though. But anyways it definetly unblocks me to play eve

Can you guys try to open the NES store and view details of items in there?

With an RX 7600 and the 23.5.1 drivers (latest for this card) the PC freezes and sometimes crashes with artifacts giving the bluescreen 0x00000113-VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR . Wondering if its specifically an issue with the RX 7600 in AMDs drivers or general for all AMD users.

The system is perfectly fine, there are no memory issues, or hardware issues with the graphics card even, i’ve isolated it down to AMD driver issues and nothing else, but i dont have any other AMD card on hand, just Nvidia cards which as usual are completely fault-free with no driver related issues.

RX7650 and the NES store is a real cultprit.

Somehow the NES store will raise the VRam usage of a single client with over 6 GB!
[3.1GB vram used before, and 9.6 after (after spiking to 11)], and even worse it stays at 9.6 so thats one client using 6.5 GB extra vram from just opening NES store and browsing a few items. thats like 3-5 times the amount the cleint uses normally.

Ergo: wen from a rx 5600xt (6GB) to a 6750xt(12GB) and the problem persists.
Also its certainly not a ram issue, i just upgraded to 2x32 = 64 gb which was faaaaar from used up

Since my last post on this topic im still having this issue. Has anyone had progress? Also, im using a Ryzen 5. (didnt mention that before)

Recently same issue here when ever i open fitting window . never happened before

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