this is a new stat that slowly decreases unless the player keep it up by visiting stations for a longer period of time every so often. being docked and on the docking screen is not enough, they must “exit the pod” and rest and socialize and all that stuff. but it happens in the background you just have to click one button and can even log out, and the character stays in this state and increases his amenity.

if players have low amenity their attributes are decreased by 1. if its high the attributes are increased by 1 and if its normal then the attributes are nither increased or decreased. it will take a long time in space for amenity to become low, and will likely remain high for a long time after undocking. Its another aspect of the game for the player to benfit from with a bit of planning and it raises some interesting expansion options: For example “Amenity modules” for freighters, or people who live in 0.0 with no nearby station. Amenity modules for stations, maybe some stations have better amenities than others and the rate at which amenity increases is higher in those stations. Maybe some stations only have basic amenities and no matter how long you spend in them it will never reach higher than “normal” state.

This idea seems simple, but it touches a big part of the game? New blueprints needed for the amenities modules, some fitting rethinking-> Maybe an amenity module would be better than a cargo expander for your specific situation and plan? Maybe a new skill to train that lowers the rate at which amenity drop. Its the kind of stuff that EVE online needs imo. There is some work to do in balancing it and getting it right, maybe Amenity is the wrong word, but its this sort of stuff that expands the game. Lastly when the player enters “amenity mode” in station, the docking screen and ambience can change and there will be more of a “city” vibe than “industrial vibe” to keep it simple.

I bet you like torture.

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i hate it

What gameplay purpose does this achieve other tham being a pain in the neck?


Ignore him.

He has been trolling the forums ever since the start of the summer/winter holidays.

Faster skill training, you can look at it as a more intelligent/eve adapted version of WoW rested XP bonus

It’s called Omega.

No its not. Omega is the failed attempt at getting new players in. Besides, if you have +1 attributes because you took advantage of amenity then Omega will boost you ever slightly so more. It doesent have to be one or the other.

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That’s Alpha. And if that failed they would have discontinued it.
On the other hand, you failed to convince with your thread.

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what in the hell is this

A guy suggesting original content and about 3 trolls crying about it

Original content in the same way that roadkill is fine dining.

Its going to be hard to do worse than what CCP has done over the last 5-10 years but the trolls will act otherwise from now until the servers are shut down

Nah, OP’s suggestion is legitimately just a bad idea

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meant this about the post like this is just a poorly thought out idea

Apparantly you are an expert in ideas, then i would like to hear what you think are some well thought out ideas. Im prepared to have my mind blown

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