American server constantly going down

Hello capsular this is Alexander family whose between the Amar and the galanti federation. Sitting here with the computer on and off often with the online gaming and not knowing if there’s a similar connection problems. When downloading it becomes inevitable forthe game to not really function well when it’s online. This is not a knocking down of the game or anything just a simple question if anybody’s ever have the same similar. Because if it’s not you and maybe the need for me to take the desktop to repair shop and get a new video card. I’m on the American server just being sure that my words are read clearly

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Eve doesn’t have an american server, there is only one main server tranquility, unless your Chinese which have serenity, and Tranquility server is located near England if I’m not mistaken.


get yourself a better/faster internet plan or
dont download things when you play or
learn to limit download speed in whatever you are using to download those things.

Note, just in case: watching streaming media (youtube, twitch, netflix etc.) is also downloading and can impede on one’s ability to play online games smoothly.

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@ISD looks like this belongs in a tech support sub.

OP, do you meet the minimum system requirements? What speeds do you see on your internet connection?

You’ll need to be more descriptive than “not really function well”. Do you see graphical issues, high latency, CTDs, etc?

Yes, this post was indeed written by an USAmerican.
There’s no doubt about it. Absolutely not. Nope.


And the relevance is…?

It’s abundantly clear that English isn’t his first language. He also didn’t know that we’re a single shard server hosted in England; that said, why does that matter? It’s not like he’s claiming to be American.


I’m Byzantine and half my family is really in Russia what does that have to do with Eve online

Are you my Dad? He’s about as computer illiterate as it gets and he writes emails like this. Always feel bad for the folks at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store

The main server is in London, if you are getting disconnects it is probably due to your ISP.

You need to tone it down a bit, man. :slight_smile:

They’re not letting the f word become common language and I think they’re right with that. Had many posts of mine editted because of it and I guess it makes perfect sense. There’s too many too stupid people, who’ll just behave extreme.

Anyhow, OP’s a troll.

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Yes and the graphics are flickering.

To be fair, his post matches what I know about American education. :grinning:

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I’d call it “Ignorance”.

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