Ammatar Daily Star: Royal Identity Taken Hostage

The Ammatar Daily Star obtained this VidClip released by perpetrators antagonizing the royal house with evidence displaying a stockpile and sale of corpses crafted in the appearance of Empress Catiz I. The Empress is very much alive.

We have learned that a degenerate geneticist and perverted sex toy maker have attempted to copy the likeness of Holy Empress Catiz I (we feel they utterly failed in this endeavor) and have proceeded to create multitudes of copied corpses with capsuleer clone technology.

The criminal body creationists claim it is for harmless profit and play but this action is beyond a sick joke, it cannot be allowed to continue. The Empress herself is very much alive and actions such as these undermine the earned mandate of respect to the royal throne.

We have learned that the masterminds of this plot are employed by Nodal Point Teledildonics [N0DAL]. Nodal Point is also wanted in connection to reports of processing homeless into plastinated sex robots to take advantage of Kyonoke fears in customers steadfast on remaining locked in hermetically sealed habitats.

We demand that Nodal Point corporation meet swift punitive justice and be forced to turn over any materials, technologies, and most critically any stockpiles pertaining to fake ‘royal’ corpses. We implore any self-respecting citizen to be on the look out for sales of these genetic products. If you see something, act promptly, and say something to the authorities.

Nodal Point Teledildonics:

[Long-form Data Album] Nodal Point Kyonoke Crisis Exploitation:


I suppose that’s one way to advertise their services and give them more customers.


I speak on behalf of Nodal Point Teledildonics. We vehemently deny these libelous allegations of malfeasance during the Kyonoke Inquest. Every Holon, including our temporary operational center in Postouvin, operate within strict regional legal frameworks.

Your exposĂ© is inflammatory irresponsible journalism that did not fact check any segment of this hit piece. Individuals enrolled in the body modification process were not coerced into participation. The full body modification process required for the creation of our Kyonoke Free guarantee companion line was fully necessary and all members of the science and aftercare team followed Sister’s of Eve best ethical euthanasia practices. Enrolled members did feel unnecessary pain.

Prior to termination, with sound mind they were taken step by step through a legal work contract similar to capsuleer crew compliments–whereby upon death individual(s) designated benefactors receive an above market value compensatory 300,000 Interstellar Kredit payment. Most civilian capsuleer crew contracts only award 120,000 ISK upon death.

We demand a retraction and appended editors note.


This statement stinks more than Orca infested with pregnant Fedo. I’m not buying it for a second. Your company murdered those people and if you did pay “benefactors” (air quotes in the strongest sense) you probably shuffled money to grease the palms and pockets of your criminal cronies and dirty law-enforcement agents.


Way to completely dodge that one. It makes you look completely inept as a crisis control manager.

And, I will not oblige your request for a retraction. I hope you and your company rot in a cell for your blasphemous actions against the Throne.

I’m Doctor Valate, and this is my favourite thread on the IGS.


You know there are ‘Empress Katy’ (and ‘Empress Jamyl’) body doubles in damned near every illicit brothel in the Empire, right?

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I am fully aware of these vile acts of lÚse-majesté.

Psychology subroutine active: Entry YC119.6.27

This level of fear mongering and loathing is not healthy in human males. I have completed a cursory personality evaluation and it appears you are a narcissist with deep repressed emotion stemming from a deep childhood disconnect with your mother. You lay awake a night in fear that imagined problems may go away, thus robbing you of anything to complain about–depriving you of a core identity as a victim angry on the behalf of others.

The Temple Dominatrix requests an audience. Please observe and report to a holon compound. We know you [subject name here] have sins to confess to and much self-flagellation to begin the process of atonement.