Ammo damage question

So, I’m trying to optimize my ammo usage in missions, using a spreadsheet to calculate hit chance and paper dps. I’ve got the hit chance part all done, but I’m having some difficulty with the paper DPS part. I say paper DPS, because there’s a random element in the actual damage equation. In the volley damage part of the formula, I’m multiplying the ammo’s base damage by the turret’s damage multiplier. The base damage is what’s giving me trouble.

See, in the info for a given charge, in the damage section, it shows the different “elemental” damage values, but below that it also has “Base Shield Damage” and “Base Armor Damage”. What are these two values? How do they interact with elemental damage and turrets?

They are the damage values adjusted with the assumption of ‘base’ resists.

So ‘base’ resists refers to the resists of a tech1 ship with no mods.

Shield: EM 0% - TH 20% - KI 40% - EX 50%
Armour: EM 50% - TH 35% - KI 25% - EX 10%

  • Note it does not include the inherent 10% bonus that each race has on armour.

The intent of showing these base damage values on ammo was probably to give players a quick reference for 'is this better or worse against shield/armour?’

Hope this helps


That does help a lot, thanks!

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