An accord?

Herro citizens of New Eden!

Once upon a time, in this hallowed sub-forum, there was a simple rule.

Post with your main.

I propose we bring this cultural norm back. In the golden age of piracy, one’s word was one’s bond.

I have, and always shall, post with my main.

Love me or hate me, you will get the courtesy of always knowing that the person you’re dealing with is me :smiley:

Now of course, there is no way to really enforce this, except by your own word.

After all, we’ve already have two instances of people admitting to hiding behind characters because they talk crap and don’t want blowback on their main.

What do you all think?


I think in both cases there is no main. They are just pretending to have a super secret top tier main, because they feel inadequate.


A solid theory!

Hi I am Apo and live in Uedama! \o/

The forums should be about Anonymity…

I am Frostpacker

My alts tell me I’m the alt. Scumbags, the lot of 'em.


Well this is my main.

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I have grown fuzzy over time, but this is still my main. My EVE have mercy on my antics! :sunglasses:

Edit; turns on vet tag for 24 hrs just for a laugh as well… Still can’t figure out why I still have it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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A splendid sentiment…however…


Yeah, no one cares much about anything anymore.


I care about myself.

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I have never not posted with my main.

Yes my main might have changed a couple of times over the years but at that point, it is always my main.

A main can be younger than an alt


It sounds like a very good suggestion.

What we have to do is decide on the forfeit for trash-posting on an alt… what about a couple of days Venture mining, in an obscure HS system?

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Why obscure?

Its meant to be a punishment. What could be worse, for someone invested in the cut-and-thrust of forum warrioring to have to endure the tedium of mining, without the possibility of some ‘elite’ PVP’er wanting to have a pop at you…

Oh I see

Yeah I get you now “safe” mining as a punishment.


And alts keep whining that they don’t have enough ISK or skills.

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Well I post on my CEO alt because this is what I am active with in the community (guides, blog, giveaways and stuff so started being active on this) and because of that I prefer to stay logged in on the EVE authentication website with this character (different account too compared to my main) because whenever I check my EVEmails through a third-party website I have to use the EVE authentication website thus if I was switching to my main I would need to sign in and out of my accounts on the authentication site, and that is all too boring and troublesome and am too lazy to do that.

However I never hide who my main or even key alts I am actually active on are, I even have a public blog where most of them are mentioned (and on the forums too) thus there is full transparency. Not sure if that is enough for some but as it is complete honesty I don’t see why anyone could complain unless they are some capsuleer version of a karen which just makes their complaint invalid to begin with. :wink: