An Announcement

On the subject of half-wits…you quite clearly missed the point I was making altogether. Or perhaps you’re just one of those people who believes everything you see on the GalNet. It would certainly explain a lot.

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I am seeking to renew my citizenship in the Gallente Federation. Does that make this a step down, in your eyes?

This matters little to me.


That is going to be a long journey to repair those relationships.


Sansha are monsters, but they are monsters not because they will so, but because they were programmed to be like that, they don’t have own will and follow directions from Kuvakei, they are his drones and meat puppets.

Federals, on other hand… they are monsters because they wish to be. That’s why I consider them even worse.

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How wonderful to see that years later, you’re still babbling insane violent nonsense. It is a relief to know that some things will never change.

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