An app for sharing your killer UI setup

an app where you can share your own ingame UI setup (such as choice of color theme, position of targets, position/size of overview window, position of drone window, position of chat window, overview setup options, position of market window, choice of tactical view, sound options, maybe even graphics options etc.)
You just browse what other people have shared and you choose one that looks good and has gotten many likes and then when you get home after work/school you just transfer over the API stuff into the game so you can try out the new UI, or if the app is run by ccp then it could automatically be transferred over to the game

It’s certainly not a convenient way, but you can technically already do this by sharing your settings folder from %AppData%\Local\CCP\EVE{folder with the client installation installation path as name]\

Setup a blank setting without any new chats, zip the settings folder and then share it via some page like Would certainly require some publicity and people need to be made aware of that folder in the first place as well as how to install the setting and select it from the launcher, but it is possible.

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