An easy way to make EVE more active: add stargates and link the universe from east to west, from south to north ends

An easy way to make EVE more active: add stargates and link the universe from east to west, from south to north ends.

The universe is too far and too hard to to deploy from a long distance.
Add stargates and link the universe will make EVE become more active,

For example:
*Drone region(East, North East) stargate to Fountain(West) and Delve(South East);
*Tenal(North) to Esoteria(South);
*Deklein(North West) to Omist(South East).

Technically, it’s very simple just add some stargates. But it will change the whole geopolitics of EVE, even make the The Second Spring or WORLD WAR.

Hope to see the change of EVE, make 0.0 become closer, more activity, more war, more consumption, more fun. :grinning:

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How about a low sec gate to Stain?

Speedy access to conflicts cheapens them, and affects the long term “looking forward to”.

More speedy access to things is not what the game needs imo.

It’s had plenty of it already…

If you make travel easier and faster then you get more “dogpiling”. This is where organisations that are not involved in the fight go “hey, look at that big ball of action, lets take some guys and shoot them all”. Which tends to stop any fights before they get started.

Jump fatigue was brought in to limit people going from one end of the map quickly for exactly this reason.

So the big groups can rapidly deploy huge numbers of capitals anywhere…

Distance is a good thing.

I do still like the idea of some structure that launches a fleet across the galaxy and lands them at a slightly random location. But there’s no return journey and sub-cap only.


make the travel disable the jump drives on cap ships so if they want to return home either log off and prep a ton of cyno alts or just legging the way back

But then you’d still be able to launch capitals into the general vicinity of any fight anywhere. They can gate travel the rest of the way.

Also you could use several such structures to create a network for going back and forth and use the capitals to defend the network.

Nah. I’m pretty sure any jump tool like that would need to be strictly sub cap only.

I like Daichi’s spin on this.

Ancient stargate technology that becomes ‘uncloaked’ or visible due to some game event. Our tech doesn’t quite work with it. Warps sub-cap only to somewhere within say 3 jumps of the destination. Destination might be a specific system, another gate linked to this one, or possibly just a target constellation with the central scatter point being somewhere ‘middle-ish’ of the constellation. Scatter is affected by ship size (BS scatters the most, Frigates the least).

If a fleet jumps, it could scatter by ship size and need to reform, or if that is too messy it could scatter according to the largest ship in the fleet, or perhaps the combined size of the fleet.

Should probably cost some type of fuel or mineral resource to launch with, depending on fleet/ship size. Or boosters to provide energy or something. Make it sink something interesting.

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I don’t actually understand how you jump to the conclusion that adding these star gates would increase conflict. It wouldn’t. What increases conflict is leaders willing to start conflict. When leaders are unwilling, then there’s no conflict happening. Them telling everyone that it’s CCP’s fault doesn’t mean it’s CCP’s fault, it means that they’re having an easy excuse.

Your idea is well meant. I have no issue with it, but it would not achieve what you think it would.

No, ■■■■ off.

Last time i checked, stargates dont make the decision on alliances making other alliances blue.

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