An idea about the Skill Catalogue

I am looking at the new skills catalogue and I like the filling bar, however sometimes a category may look done, but you are still missing a skill or two. Here is an example with my Engineering:

How about when you are done with a category, the bar will turn from light blue to green? That way you are sure you are done, plus it will feel more complete.

It feels cleaner to me when they’re all the same colour. It’s not like the majority of players will ever ‘complete’ everything as that takes decades or ridiculously large quantities of skill injectors.

Some of the smaller categories aren’t that hard to complete. Trade and Planet Management are commonly filled out on alts, Rigging isn’t hard to complete, neither is Subsystems, Engineering and Targeting, etc.

Yes, but why would I want to move away from a clear monochrome overview to one with many colours, unless the eventual goal is to get them all to one colour again?

As it is unlikely that they will ever become one colour again, as it is near impossible to train everything (and stupid if you do, because alts) I don’t think I’d like to see multiple colours at all.

There are many things that could (and should) be improved about the new skill catalogue. In my opinion, adding more colours isn’t one of them.

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