An idea for cloaky camping, make it active

My concept:

Upwell Nazz Probe Launcher I/II
Approx mineral cost - Tech I: 750m Tech II: 1.25b_

Limited to structures of the citadel class, these launchers are used in tandem with Nazz Cloak Nullification Probes to limit the places an enemy can hide. Heavily modified and much larger probes are launched from a citadel, and once they have landed in place can emit an electrostatic field which causes cloaking devices to reset, rendering a ship visible until its processers can reset the cloak emission hardware.

Due to the advanced nature of the emissions, as well as the slower speeds of these larger and heavily modified probes, a capsuleer manning the launcher must weigh the options of speed versus coverage, as a longer range will slow the deployment, and a larger bubble will further slow the results. Nevertheless, those pilots who have until now enjoyed relative comfort in the safe embrace of their cloak emitters will have to be alert and mobile, else someone combat scan them down for a warm welcome.

Ammo: Upwell Nazz Cloak Nullification Probes x8
Approx mineral cost each - 700m

A cloak nullification probe used for decloaking all cloaked objects in soace. Can only be fired from Upwell Nazz Probe Launchers.

Possible options:

Require Sov.
Probes deplete over time (see laser ammo), requiring replinishment.
Probes can be combat scanned down and blown up.
New structure type for the probe launchers, that would tie into jump bridge deployment structures.
Limit 1 per system.
Change access roles for probe deployment (allowing a role for people to launch probes only).


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