An idea for deep space exploration

This is something I’ve been thinking on for a while
You have the current exploration sites , Data, relic , … But once you’ve done them, you’ve also seen everything about exploration
This is my proposal
It’s not for soon but for EVE’s future

NEW T3 Deep space expedition/exploration ships and structures.

New ship typs

1st type Hull size between Cruiser and BS , purpose :cheapest deep space probe launcher and 1st step in Deep space exploration ship

2nd type Hull size between BS and Supper , purpose: mid Bridge head Deploy ship and new system expedition / explorer )

3rd type Hull size between Supper and titan purpose: First base ship and new system defence, base camp, a mobile base wher you can repair / refit / build , …

The new ship class can not come in high sec
needs new type of fuel and mods to travel to Unknown space .

New Structures

-New citadel to launch deep space probs (structure cost of a keepstar)
1 structure per constelation/WH
When active to launch probs : Penalties in a particular radius around the structure to warp , scan , target, …

  • New Medical data transfer structure purpose : To send you memory to a medical clone (Can be put on standby and have sleeper cloak tech , when on standby lower fuel cost , when you die you wake up in Known space /WH )

  • New intergalactic gat (cost of a faction keepstar)

The intention is
With the first ship you launch probes to somewhere where there are no known systems or you’re group deploy’s a new deep space probe launcher structure where it will best suit your group
When you want to launch probs, you get penalties in system / WH around the structure /ship
Choose the direction / Travel time / … of probs . XX amount of time you get data from brobes (The structure or module on the ship must stay online )
With the 1st ship you have less probs / range/ flight time of the probs than that the structure has.
It will not be easy as you know space is big So finding something is rare.
And if you find something you need to warp to it with the 1st or 2nd ship type set up a safe midpoint (Medical clone data transfer) to transfer your mind to a new clone when you die in the New unknown space with new unknown Alians and technology.(Because without it is too far away to immediately wake up in new clone)
Now you have a bridge head in the middle of nowhere space and you can start scanning with you 1st type ship for new regions or do expeditions with te 2nd one .

When you find a new region
your group can make this new region known to all
Or keep the location for your own group
Exploit it and the local residents or work with them to develop new technologies
(like bether scan mods when the new region is high in radiation from a new sun)
With the 3rd ship you set up 1ste base and then… an intergalactic gat (after … for CCP to decide)

And when a WH groups find new Eden / new regions the same rules

No currently existing ship / Upwel building can go / deploya in the new location / region until there is a intergalactic gat.

I hope there are more EVE players intrested in this area . :thinking:

I’m not saying it’s not an interesting concept, but you just described a completely different game. Not a feature for EVE.

I see it more as a other department of the existing explorrers in eve.
And when the intergalactic gats ar in the game it can bring lots of new conflicts throughout EVE
It also gives the ccp the opportunity to bring in new inexplicable technology that has nothing to do with the current (pirat) factions.
Everything you find or discover in the new regions you will be able to transport to eve as we know it now .
It will only cost you a lot of time and ( R ) isk.

“New space” has been on the roadmap for 3-4 years. Precisely how we get to “new space” is not yet known. Maybe wormholes or the Jovian wormhole drive (see the Inheritance Chronicle). Once there, we can presumably build an Upwell stargate to connect it to known space.

Another option is unexplored regions of known space. It’s likely most planetary systems have something analogous to our Oort cloud and Kuiper belt. This would be reachable with an existing warp drive if we had a bookmark and offers a lot of scope for new gameplay within the borders of the existing game without requiring any new technology - except possibly player built acceleration gates to speed up the trip. Again, wormholes offer a mechanism for getting there in the first place to create a bookmark.

The ships proposed are specialist - which would make them T2. The defining characteristic of T3 is versatility. There are already close to 250 ships in the game. Some are rare special edition but I would rather see the developers re-purpose underutilized existing ships rather than keep creating new ones.

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