An Obituary for Lauri Tereven

Amongst a constant flood of obituaries on the net, attentive Caldari or EDENCOM-aligned Capsuleers might come across one with a slightly familiar name.

Lauri Tereven, aged twenty-six, has been killed in action alongside the rest of the Urhinichi State War Academy Training Wing whilst defending the system against Triglavian invaders.

Lauri was born in YC96 on New Caldari Prime, to Konsta and Aliisa (Hakman) Tereven. He was preparing to attend the School of Economics at the Science and Trade Institute, but decided to pursue a career in the Navy after completing his mandatory military service. In YC119, he married Emmi Uika. They had one son, Jari Tereven.

Lauri had a passion for martial arts and volunteer work. He was known for his stern ethics and bottomless compassion.

He is survived by his father Konsta, his mother Aliisa, his sister Miran, his wife Emmi and his son Jari. In absence of a body, a wooden effigy was cremated and interred at Landfall Shrine.


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