An open letter to Silphy en Diabel

During the coming days we expect the SCC to begin closing down parts of the Fluid Router system to conserve stocks of 4-helium fuel for essential communications and deal with the Drifter menace

When you made your return to Poitot a decade ago you used the opportunity to step out of your father’s shadow by securing food deliveries to Poitot station where others could not. But an opportunity is before you now to elevate the Intaki Syndicate far beyond anything it has seen in it’s 500 year history and to become a major economic and military power rivalling the empires

We know there are stocks of 4-helium stashed in Poitot station for just such an eventuality as this (indeed some of our ancestors sold it to your family centuries ago), and furthermore we know that still greater stocks exist within our reach in empire space, which could be liberated by enterprising privateers

Therefore in the name of business leaders I call on you to do what must be done to keep the fluid routers running and the markets open! Capsuleers empires may or may not weather this storm and the old empires may stick rigidly to their “laws” and hope to avoid it, but now is the time for the Intaki Syndicate to show, as we have always known, that when a storm comes we must be prepared to flex our approaches in order that we do not break, and that those who can do this will emerge mighty

A market exists for goods that cannot be traded economically or legally within the empires, this we know. I contend that the sovereign capsuleer empires are themselves too young and too consumed with their own rivalries to provide it during this time of crisis, whilst the Intaki Syndicate is uniquely placed to exploit this opportunity and grow its’ power, allowing it to finally throw off the last vestiges of Gallentean subservience and claim these planets in it’s own name, no longer to be exiled from their surfaces by a centuries old law

As all of us Caldari know, power comes from wealth. I believe privateers would happily uphold the finest traditions of the Intaki Syndicate in obtaining the supplies of 4-helium, not for payment in ISK, because that can be earned on an open market, but in exchange for keeping the communications channels which support that market open. And in return the wealth flowing into the region will be the fuel that will allow Intaki Syndicate to grow and take it’s rightful place as one of the great empires of New Eden and a centre for business and commerce

The old powers are distracted by the Triglavian threat, the new powers are wrong-footed by the Drifters and the communications blackout. The time to act is now!

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What Drifter menace?

Seriously, have you been out here in null? It’s nice and quiet again. Honestly, this whole Drifter thing was annoying, but boring.

who is your history teacher


I do not profess to be a student of history.

I am a businessman and my primary interest is in the prosperity the future could bring rather than dwelling on what has been, or what was

please don’t try to save face on this

At the same time, there is probably a more welcoming way to point out errors of historical (and other) detail made by someone who appears to be a new face on these boards.

Menegrith, Poitot was first settled shortly before the first war of Caldari secession (i.e. about 215 years ago) and, by no coincidence, Li Azbel’s breakthrough on FTL communications happened in the same period AD 23,146.

I’m not sure quite what your proposal is but I applaud your ambition for the Syndicate.


Indeed. The cluster is so mind-bogglingly vast that you’ll burn out your memory augs just ramming all your own local history in there, let alone the whole clusters. Maybe we can be a bit more merciful for errors in timeline and general absent-mindedness as maybe they just confused Intaki and the Syndicate (the first contact with the Intaki having happened 563 years ago - and yes I had to check). Or maybe they consider the Syndicate as “True Intaki” and wanted to make a point. Or something. I dunno.


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