Analysis: The effects of salt, or: The Scrublord's Prayer

The few of you who will manage to actually watch through this without their attention span driving them away, will notice that what the narrator is saying also applies to EVE ONLINE. I’ve came across this video, which seems to be a part of a series about fighting games. What he talks about, though, applies to games in general and describes well what’s going on in the industry as a whole … for a long time now.

Tell me what you think, but please also mention if you didn’t actually make it through. :slight_smile:

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It applies to every part of society where competition is involved, be it games, sports, work.


Now what did I do?





Excuse me for pinging you, but I can’t quote Salt for some reason. Several times I’ve tried quoting him into my post, but every single time his quote doesn’t show up. Is something wrong with the forums, or is that a bug, or what’s going on?

test. What did you do? I can’t quote you in my other post.

I wasn’t acting guilty…

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It’s not that I think many of the Sol sisters posts are inappropriate, per se. It’s that I think they are in the wrong section. But I end up having to click inappropriate as it’s the nearest box to move to OOPE.

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Such has happened to me too, I think if you try to quote from the post right before yours it is considered useless and the system automatically removes the quote from your post. Kinda annoying.

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Not a bad video. Some of it applies to Eve but Eve is never a 1v1 game. And the whole win button applies to large groups that send hundreds or thousands to fight 30 or so.

We should have a list for reference :rofl:

“I forgot my cap boosters”

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Or the classic, now extict, “forgot to turn on my dcu.”

… which happened to me a few times. : D

I watched it to the end. It can be applied in some forms of the competitive aspects of EVE Online. It’s very simplified and concentrated on the 1 vs 1 aspect. as in EVE 1 vs n and n vs n also exist.

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In EVE, if you’re in a 1 vs. 1 situation you’re either a) doing it wrong or b) the rest of the horde coming to gank your a** hasn’t arrived yet.

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Or you are in a small/medium faction plex. 1v1 happens all the time.

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