Anchorable Bubbles on NPC Station undocks trapping diamond rats


I just wanted to share an issue I’m having in NPC nullsec.

The people that live there put bubbles over the undock and trap the rats that live there. No one can undock unless they are +2 to the Blood raider Faction.

Surely this is a bit silly? Being able to anchor a bubble and have rats get stuck inside and defend the station for you?

I would understand if someone was there with a dictor / hic but they are not…

Can you make it so you cannot anchor bubbles within 75km of a station just like citadels? Or maybe have diamond rats shoot bubbles?


Sounds like an exploit to me.


I agree with @Diehard_Si- this seems like an exploit. You can report this by filing a support ticket and closing the “Exploit” category. Be sure to include that screen cap and any other info you can get.

Points for creativity though- that’s pretty clever!


Wow, Jurassic Park for kspace!


GM’s said this is working as intended as a response to our several reports.

If this is not an exploit and working as intended, then it’s a game balance issue and CCP’s intentions should change. NPC stations are still disadvantageous in that they do not provide tether or a large undock radius. People who want to make them unusable can still do so by actively camping them. NPC’s should however be outside the equation, and not practically helping the camping side. They are helping the camping side, because they warp off once the bubble is gone (hence letting another one to be anchored), but they constantly camp when the bubble is there (hence not letting anyone undock).

It’s also worth noting that some characters’ standings with them are beyond saving so “grind standing” is not a valid solution for all.


Those stations in your picture provide a larger undock radius than most upwell structures.

They won’t be because CCP introduced these Diamond rats specifically as PVP NPC. However, you can use them to your advantage as well. We have a couple of people with neutral or blue standing to Blood Raiders and thus they help the guys destroying the bubble by deterring these stupid Proteus cyno droppers from engaging the people killing the bubble. It’s hilarious.

As for grinding wrecked standings: Look into the gas missions in OK-FEM and the standing boosters. They seem to help a lot.

It is a completely bonkers and stupid mechanic that rats get stuck in bubbles but thanks to #CCPQualityCoding it is what it is and you can somewhat take advantage of it.


Obviously the AI needs updating so that they burn out of the bubble and warp off after a certain time.

In terms of the bubbles on stations it has been like that ever since I have played however adjusting the code so the rats shoot the bubble would also help.

Still clever play used against a couple of very clever players who have been especially effective in nabbing excavators.

You do have lots of alts, I was wondering why you don’t set up multiple BM’s around the station and have a Tornado alt logged off in space and use him to clear the bubbles.


emergent gameplay ftw!!


Actual radius is irrelevant. You can undock from a citadel, slowboat to an unbubbled area, and proceed to playing your game without being forced to dock back. You can’t do so in a bubbled NPC station undock. So by “undock radius” I just meant the area you need to cover to block exits from a station. For NPC stations, you need 1 large bubble and then can go afk. For citadels, you need so many bubbles that the enemy can report you for spamming and get them removed, and you need to actively camp your bubbles too.

If they are “PvP NPCs”, they can be smarter and clear the bubbles that are bubbling them.

We have been 24/7 camped by the Goon umbrella for over a month now. I do have many neutral standing accounts and I am often using them. I also often use chain booshing. But these are the kinds of means not everyone has access to. That’s why the NPC issue should be fixed. Meanwhile, for me, it is still questionable why I have to obtain characters with standings to just be able to undock, burn away from the bubble (the owners of which inactive), and jump/warp.

The proteus will just redeploy after the rats are gone btw. We suicide dreads to kill their supers. They are rather upset and watchful. They spread the camp to 7-8 stations recently to block us.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and everything but there is nothing on your list that I haven’t done (and I’ve done more) so far. It’s still a broken mechanic that needs to be fixed.

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I clear them plenty of times when people are afk and they don’t drop titans on me. Doesn’t mean that’s less of a broken mechanic.

PS: These bubbles can’t stop drone booshing. Booshers are the only ships that can actually circumvent them (by chain booshing during undock). In our case they are designed to keep our dreads in.

PS2: Today, we failed to kill a botting super in Delve because anom Blood Raiders killed our cyno fast enough before we could clear the bubble for our tackler carrier, so the carrier ran out of invul timer and station Blood Raiders tackled it. We couldn’t remove the bubble earlier, because there is a 5 minutes window before a new one anchors by the 24/7 station watcher zombie crew, and we often don’t know the best time to hit before it comes. If NPCs are the effective defense between mega alliance botting supers and their hunters, then CCP is doing something wrong. It’s a meta issue. NPC stations are good places to make the space unsafe (something Eve nullsec needs asap). There needs to be more of them, and it needs to be easier to use them. Regardless of what shortsighted “smart PvP NPCs” CCP had in mind, with which nobody engages with ever anyway.

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I agree that the NPC’s should have the AI to destroy the bubbles or burn out of the bubbles and warp away after a certain time.


I see nothing wrong with this. They behave like players.
Whining about them should yield the same result.

You’re all a bunch of princesses.


I was waiting for one of these replies. This is why I don’t mind forcing PVPers to PVe.


You should be one of those who know that most people who PvP also do PvE and that it’s just the PvErs who never do PvP. You’re around long enough to be well aware of that. Hell, I don’t even know what your post is supposed to be about.

Whining about NPCs is ludicrous. If they don’t have any friends in nullsec then boo ■■■■■■■ hoo.


Ah but do they do it because they want to? Eve, by your ilk, has always been about non-consensual… uh… emergent gameplay.


Ha classic Goons.

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There’s a chance the NPCs have positive standings towards the players doing the bubbling, much like Suitonia’s recent Youtube vid baiting in null with a Sansha diamond NPC response fleet waiting.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that vid was the inspiration for this.


Thanks for making that clear to others, I did however know that as I did suggest that they should burn out of the bubbles and warp away after a period of time because of that, which is why I made sure to include that suggestion. If it is a red bubble they should blow it up.

I rather like this using the environment in PvP as it is smart play, but it does not mean that it should not be adjusted if it becomes too over powering and easy.

I rather like diamond rats, they are hilarious in hisec and I rather enjoy the content around FOB’s


I’m from a different generation of EVE players, as you probably know. Multiboxxing wasn’t that much of a thing in my first years and I disliked the idea, because it kind of undermines the point of playing and RPG. EVE is the first and only RPG I ever played, not counting my short excursion into ArchAge, which was too easy and thus boring.

I liked doing PvE in my first two two years. I was a resident of Deltole, which was a huge social hub filled with people who took care of each other, shared loot and stuff. Hard work, but 20-40mill per hour were doable … until farmers came griefing us, literally, because they refused to share and always kept everything for themselves. That’s a story that would easily fill its own post. Nowadays Deltole is a sad shadow of its former glory, thanks to them … but I digress. Good memories.

I still like doing PvE. Warped an Orca to a FOB, because why not, and got my ass handed to me. Pedro saved it and lost five or six ships… the intensity and panic was absolutely HILARIOUS! :smiley: Warped a Tornado to a FOB and engaged the rats with my usual techniques… man, hard work, but fun!

Most people I’ve talked to, who PvP, really don’t seem to mind PvE, as long as it’s not about farming endlessly for money. The few people who really seem to hate it seem to be more of the arcade type who only want to do one thing only.

Many many people who only do PvE blindly assume that people who PvP do only that, but that’s really not the case. I’ve been a miner and LOVED IT as long as it kept me busy (sometimes with mining-PvP sprinkled in), I did industry, lots of social stuff outside of PvP, even exploration.

Hell, most people I know would mine if the profession wasn’t hogged by afkbears simply because mining = resource gathering and thus a huge conflict driver.

On mobile, hopefully I didn’t miss the mark with my reply.


I agree, definitely clever use of NPCs and their standings, which I’ve long thought should come with benefits / consequences.

I’d be interested to know what would have happened if those players also caught in the bubbles had equally high standings. Would the NPCs have sat idle?

You’re right about this kind of tactic needing to be watched, and the AI tweaked as necessary, though.

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