Ancillary Relic/Data Analyzers

Cap booster variation of analyzer module that uses existing 10 sec module activation duration cycle as a ‘time trial’ challenge to push players to complete container hacks faster.

Test case:
Ancillary Relic Analyzer II
Base 45 Virus Strength (+15)
Base 50 Virus Coherence (-10)
10km Optimal (+4)
-Requires 3 cap ‘100’ charges (effective operational time 30 seconds)
-5 second cap reload

Thirty seconds for a hack may seem like a lot yet this requires vigilance to make sure all cap charges are loaded. If module cycles off, the hack fails. There is also the added cargo requirement of cap ‘100’ charges which can be mitigated with faction cap charges.


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What would be the point of this? Are there really that many hacking targets that you can’t easily complete already with the normal analyzers?

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