"And now our operation is under threat"

Sources within the investigation team said that the main suspect is terrorist organisation Templis Dragonaurs while certain evidence suggests possible involvment of Airko-Tensei Group.

Torrinos V - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory - Intermediate HQ of Airko-Tensei Group

“What. The. ■■■■”.

“Commander Sato…”

“Ah, Lieutenant Kirano, come in. Can you explain that?” I handled datapad with the recent news opened. “Your task was simple - collecting samples and gathering data. NOT DOING CHEMICAL ATTACKS!!”

“Commander, yesterday we collected samples in this area, but encountered hostiles…”


“…And our team was forced to abandon equipment.”

Damnit, and where do they find all these people? “Great. You. Are. Idiot. Congratulations. And now our operation is under threat. LDPS already came here. And it was not so simple to convince them that we really investigate all this mess there.”

“Commander, we found something interesting, however. Looks like we got a trace of the target. Here, look.” He gave his datapad and some gun.

“Huh, ‘Aila’? But we only started to produce them. Let me see… Stolen indeed. And familiar Dragonaurs propaganda… Where did you find that? Good work.”

“Same area, abandoned factory. But bad news: hostiles extracted everything from the facility after our retreat. Good news: we managed to identify some of them. Looks like they’re connected to the recently arrived forces of so called ‘Dark Wolf Legion’.”

“Hm, let’s see… No, not who I thought about - and for good. But another capsuleer?.. Okay, listen to my command: monitor those people, but do not engage. And watch Lai Dai and CPD moves, I have a gut feeling.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Very well. And I will look what I can find about this “duke” through my channels… Dismissed.”

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