And one more problem with launcher

2 small updaits from CCP in 24 hours, and now game broken again!

But the internet is turned on. The same one I used yesterday. With the same absolute permission for any activity of eva.
Now what? How tired of me it is. After I shook a tambourine for the last time, one day passed. I played for an hour! What kind of game is this where I solve problems even more than once a week, but every day! Starts to get bored. No desire to meet in Moscow, simply because it is a game that I do not play! I only solve problems!

Then I see in the inspector that there is still a connection between the program and the cloud. But the launcher tells me that she is not. And testing says no, even ping fails, although a bunch of tunnels are open! Then another 64 megabytes of some kind of updates suddenly begin to be installed. Where did they come from if the connection allegedly was not? Installed and it worked. I don’t understand, do we have any personalized service? Or some experiments are being put? Is it measured the size of mental stability or what?

Now one more small bugs when launch start. But all work good.
The pressure on my tired brain does not subside.
I remember - Eve is a pain!

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