Andres M Afanador for CSM 14


Hello New Eden Capsuleers, I’m Andres M. Afanador and I’m Running For CSM XIV.

If you are interested in our Campaign you can join our Discord to see our endorsements and support here:

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Who Am I?


  • Former CEO of Hispanic Enterprises “My Great Love in Eve”,
  • Lived more than half of my space life in Wormholes
  • Been in Brave, Twice in CO2 (CFC Version and Non CFC)
  • Odin’s Call, Inner Hell “My Russian Family”
  • In the last Year I was in Black Legion, One of the most Fun alliances in the Game Thanks Elo and Tiana
  • Now im in NC. learning Big alliance Stuff, and also understanding the Null way of Life, TKS Lady and DICE.

Why I am running for CSM?

The Main Reason, I Love Eve and anything I can do to make this game even better. I’m going to try to make Eve better, I’m very passionate about the game and i know a lot of people can agree on that.

Secondly, the CSM’s objective is to bring the voice of the players to CCP, but is that really happening? Currently, no.

Even though I’m in NC. and play with wormhole groups sometimes the people elected in CSM don’t represent the voice of gamers, and worse the CSM has become an ELITE group of people than have incredible knowledge of the game and its mechanics, but in the end that is not the voice of the core gamers? For me is sometimes the opposite.

When I said I would run for CSM I started receiving a lot of support from different power blocks, even in-game rivals, that made me realize the people don’t feel represented. My campaign is not based on a particular group agenda or power-block ideology.

After collecting information and feedback over the past few weeks I have come up with 3 main pillars that I want to address to improve the quality of the game overall. I want to specifically address these areas, “Eve Online a Multitask Game With No Multitask Support”, “The War on Clicks” and “Game Health”


“Eve Online a Multitask Game With No Multitasking Support”

I have multiple accounts this is my personal setup:

I currently only use ‘Eve Preview” to help with accessibility of controlling multiple clients. I understand that there are some 3rd party applications that help with the playability of controlling multiple clients and I believe some of these features should be integrated into the client to increase the control and playability of the game. Currently, there are some 3rd party applications like ISBoxer that increase the playability of using multiple clients but there are also features like input broadcasting that are against the EULA, and therefore bannable.

Some Solutions for these Problems:

· Within Game Character Switcher: So you don’t have to log off to change between characters on the same account (Easy for trading shared Items) - Mock up here

· Account Bookmarks: Currently, the overview settings can be accessed between all characters on an account. I would love for bookmarks to be transferable between the entire account instead of locking them on each character. It would be awesome to have in additional to personal and corp Bookmarks “Account Bookmarks”.

**· Shared Wallet :**Shared wallet between Toons in the same account as the Plex Vault.

· Shared Hangar: Shared hangar in login screen, the same way you redeem prices

· Screen Layout: With the Launch of the 64 Client is going to be easier to integrate a tools like Eve Preview or ISBoxer.

· POD Transport Ship: We have all been there, moving our characters great distances one system at a time in a travel interceptor, and what a time waste this is. Now Imagine a ship like the Luxury yacht where you can hope your pods or eve pods of other players too lazy to make the jumps and move them. Possibly you have an expensive pod, make the pilot of the pod transport ship pay collateral like a hauling contract , you can even create fun stuff like tourist tours for other persons or become personal drivers for celebrity pods.


“The War on Clicks”

CCP had to review gameplay of all players to reduce the number of ‘admin’ based clicks players have to make. For example when CCP upgrades the PI experience, this shows us there is a lot of areas to improve, and reduce the number of clicks we have to make, some other gameplay examples are:

Corp Members Roles: For any CEO who reads, this they know they are a nightmare to navigate, they have to be more intuitive.

DSCAN / Probe Launcher: For every action we made with this tools some time there is a minimum of 4 clicks, Why not use the scroll of the mouse to reduce Range or Angles?

Module Stack: Like weapons are stack you can stack Neuts, Repair modules or even hardeners.


“Game Health”

There is a lot of Areas from Modules to Supported languages the game can improve and now with the 64 Bit Client they can be a reality



  • Overhaul of the moon goo system again, specifically better moon goo

  • Add a second capital static in all c6 wormholes to k-space

  • Spawnable Ice anomalies in k-space

  • System, device or module to keep open wormholes that you have to fuel like a Jump bridge. Ensure you can’t go AFK, make it so that the module has fueled every 15 minutes like the cycles of a rorquals

  • Remove Astrahus ratting better rewards for cap escalations in order to bring more content to wh space.

  • Panic Module For Freighter

  • Cloaking Devices: Isotopes Consumption to prevent AFK CLoaky Campers ( MArs5hy is never AFK =) )

  • Half Siege Half Triage Modules: Half The time, half the DPS, half the Repair amount For Quick Ops ) and you can Align while the module is activated

Well guys maybe I had some issues in the past involving drama “ Yes I’m The Wingspan Dude”, I had big differences with some players, but on the other hand made great friendships. Let’s leave the past in the past, and look at the ideas and above all else, lets make Eve better each day. VIVA EVE!!!



If you weren’t such a crappy person in real life, you may actually have a shot. Pray those who vote for you don’t find out what your actual values are. In reality, the rest of us are praying that no one votes for you


Is there a way to vote against someone directly when voting?


gl dude!

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Tks My Dude

Good luck

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Tks Man :grinning:

Enlighten me, because I definitely want to know.

If there’s a shitty person hiding behind nice words,
then that’s absolutely not acceptable to me.


Define shitty person please, because I think im Not.

Slide No. 3 is who i am.


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OK, so I’m intrigued, mainly because I’ve always thought the troop transporter ship idea was kind of a missing element (though I also think it should be open to courier contracts too)

My question is: you seem to have a lot of development heavy ideas. It’s likely that authentication stages are development heavy. No requirements gathering stage has a crystal ball, it’s a natural feature of software that irritating things will end up in a well used system and be difficult to reverse. How much would you be willing to pay in terms of other missed development (balancing, new ships, etc) in order to get what you want? i.e. tell me what CCP are doing now that you’d rather they didn’t in order to focus on your ideas.

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even if it was true that he is a crappy person in real life, well…THATS REAL LIFE NOT INGAME, there are ALOT of ppl that are just wonderfull in RL but they are complete jerks in game, and for what i know you can not get real life things into the game.


Um, we are not electing the character in the game (even if they are named on the ballot) we are electing the player behind the character. That is who is going to be talking to the devs, that is the person who is going to be representing you.



And how you going to figure that one out sunshine? you want candidates to give you their real life references, or have a certificate “i am nice, i pay taxes and walk my dog”?

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Tough to do, I will admit. But judging a person by the character they play is just as foolish in the opposite direction. It is one of the reasons that the interviews of candidates and trhese forums exist, to try to get a feel for who the person is, not just who they shoot in game. Otherwise our entire campaign platforms would be a zkill link along with when we joined the goons.



These slides dont tell anything of deeper value about you.

It’s just words you, yourself, wrote about you, other people probably agree with.
It’s silly to expect anyone to just accept your own words about yourself as truth.

It’s silly to assume that there’s no one who wants to know more than what those, who rather take your side, have to say. I believe that those, who want to speak for others, should absolutely be willing to be open to personal criticism, letting the voters be the ones who decide at the end.

If the guy above has things to say about you, then he should be writing them.
If he doesn’t, then he should just go ■■■■ off for failing at trying.


Hi SP,

Please see the link below. I have timestamped it for ease of viewing. Feel free to view at your leisure and it’s very easy to understand why you should not vote for this person as your CSM representative. Don’t be fooled by elementary slideshows and his supposed “friends”

Fly safe o7


Some Points for you:

We Knew someone with no Real Arguments will bring this up , so we decide to add this incident into our presentation Slide No. 3 ( ).

This Mistake follow me everywhere it happens when i try to get in the NC. Thank god the alliance is managed by Intelligent people, and they understand that bad episode.

I personally give my apologies to Chance Ravine.

The Funny Part of this is this:

Even Funnier is what happened next, that Incident that i never try to hide happened on 2015 i deserved to get banned and nothing happened.

One Year Later Chance Ravine got elected in the CSM, and then the stuff got even funnier , His corp tried to Evict my Real Wormhole and in a mysterious way i got Perma banned during this attempt of Eviction.

After we win that battle i went to CCP to see the Reason i got Permabanned, and was the episode that happened one year early, but again things got funny and with the Help of CCP we manage to discover alter Logs of the dates of the incident and two change of GM in this process, with this evidence CCP unban my account and that chapter was closed.

Maybe you don’t like me its fine, is impposible to be liked by everyone, but one thing is for sure, if i get elected i never goign to use my power in CSM to take benefit ingame .

Again Tks for your feedback and all the time you dedicate to this Post.


You are complete right, but you have to realize this and i quote " After collecting information and feedback over the past few weeks I have come up with 3 main pillars that I want to address to improve the quality of the game overall. I want to specifically address these areas, “Eve Online a Multitask Game With No Multitask Support” , “The War on Clicks” and “Game Health”"

Maybe Some ideas sounds crazy but they come from the people the real players and me , i didn’t create this program to try to look sophisticated or like game programmer , its an honest message from the gamers and i want try to get this messages to CCP.

About this " How much would you be willing to pay in terms of other missed development (balancing, new ships, etc) in order to get what you want?"

We miss that on purpose because we knew those topics were included in 90% of the campaigns we wanted something new and fresh.

i Hope my answers are good enough. tks for your feedback and time reading the Post. o7

TKS for you Feedback and Time i just answer that guy.

I’m very calm about the stuff i write about me , because Eve people who knew me in real life know who i am.