Angel Carterl Dead and FAX bonuses

With the new Angel Cartel ships coming along we shouldn’t be surprised if eventually we will see an Angel dread and fax. The Angel bonus currently is for warp speed. Personally I think this is underwhelming and should be something more like the interceptor bonus regarding sig/MWD but I digress. Point is Angel ship bonuses are about mobility. But how do you make a dread and fax have mobility when the mechanic of both ship types require it to stand still? Do you allow them to move despite being sieged/triaged? They wouldn’t really be able to move very fast anyway. Seems like a waste. So what else would give them mobility?

Lower the siege/triage cycle down to 60 or even 30 seconds and possibly lower fatigue to allow them to jump in/out more quickly. This would translate into meaningful mobility for these ships and make them unique on a strategic level.

same way they did with the sansha alliance tournament reward: using the seige module does not lower the ships maximum velocity.

The only capitol ships that generally warp around are the NPC ships and ratters. Every other time, it’s a cyno to move. warp speed doesn’t help. A significant (500%+) bonus to warp acceleration and deceleration would be more useful than straight warp speed.

Why does the bonus has to be useful ?

Like the special bonus is the one identifying feature of the respective pirate shipline.
And it sometimes doesn’t make any sense. For example why are you not complaining that fitting a web on an vanquisher is useless and they should change the bonus to something else. Or the ab bonus on a revenant “ab’s are for keeping a low sig while still moving relatively fast” supercarriers are big anyway so its useless and should be changed.

what i mean is that the special bonus of a pirate shipline may only be really impactful when it comes to subcaps. But Imo they don’t need to be as they will be a shiny trophy anyway.


I’d like one.
If it’s not substantially better than a Naglfar Fleet Issue, then it’ll be an e-peen ship and I won’t bother.
And yes, warp speed bonus on a dread would be somewhat redundant. It has actual use on the Titan, for drive by shenanigans.

Because that’s the point of a bonus. You can say other bonuses aren’t useful. That doesn’t mean none of them should be. How did you type all of that out and think it was a good point?

The bonuses are usefull in the subcap version of the shipline.
It acts as a Identifing factor of the pirate faction and gives you a reason to choose this ship over for example a navy variant.

To keep the unique feature of this pirate faction the caps have the same bonus.
It would be pointless to change a bonus a ship has "because its a angle/serpentis ect " ship because it is not that useful on caps.

For me
A angle dread without the warp speed bonus would not be an angle dread.
The vanquisher would not be the serpentis titan without the web bonus.

Bacause they lack the bonus that makes the according pirate faction unique,

But I can see a dread make use of a web bonus…what does warp speed do for a dread?

In a dread vs dread 1v1, the faster warping one can catch the other one if they cannot jump out of the system.

Where are dreads fighting 1 v 1?

On the undock of Keepstars on SiSi?

Oh, wait…

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