Announcement: New Red Temple Over Asezai V Operational

Well, this thread turned… odd.


Get a room, you two.


Please do not get a room. Please only stop being awful, which is what you were doing.

…welcome back to the Empire, Ms. Shi? Best of health to you and, um, yours.

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Genital and toilet jokes are not funny, they are revolting and disgusting, suitable only for subhumans and submarginal uneducated livestock. You won’t hear such “jokes” in proper society and for telling one you would be asked to leave. And in a less regulated society telling such things may result in your face being hit.

Lately I have a feeling that some capsuleers have totally lost their sense of humor, replacing it with degenerative jokes like using insults as jokes, using other peoples as targets of jokes, or bringing that revolting stuff that makes them laugh. That is abnormal and uncivilized behavior.

If you want to see a good humor, there is a professional prop comedian in Jita who stages fights between rubber fedo and rubber furrier. Try that, couple hours of healthy laugh guaranteed.

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What a time to be alive, that one can witness such incredible cultural achievements as this, truly the undisputed pinnacle of the comedic arts.


It is funny, thus it works.

Very very very very very funny.

Anyway. Orbital mechanics.

Ideally, one should place the object in an orbit that runs at an angle to the planet’s plane of rotation. This is so that it will, after enough orbits, pass over all the different landmasses, due to the rotation of the planet.

The practical effect of this, is that it inconveniences everyone on the planet, and not merely those around the planets equator.

If large and close enough, it could occlude the star during the day, causing inconvenient eclipses, and it would appear as an irritatingly bright object at night, causing further annoyance to the populace.


I do not understand science stuff. I built this Red Temple as close to the planet as CONCORD allows so that it would be as big as possible for Serena and other observers.

She said she doesn’t live there anymore?

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That’s not science though. All laws of mechanical motions were found hundreds if not thousands years ago.

Now it’s just math. 10-12 year old Caldari kids will easily draw you a trajectory of an artificial satellite on a map of your planet.

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I learned when I was 8 but I’m somewhat of a special case.

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Aria is not the one who shamelessly broke her vows of marriage.

Aria… Nauplius…? Hmm, here I thought it was only talk going on.


I would encourage everyone to take a moment to offer Sir Nauplius the time to offer his perspective. While the act of throwing a temple dedicated to genocide in the name of what I can only assume is now an ex-wife is certainly grounds for revile, we must also remember that there are two sides to a story. I have requested a moment to discuss these matters with Sir Nauplius in person, but I feel that it is necessary to request a level of calm after reading these particularly inciting comments.

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I have come to understand that your culture appears to favour excess politeness, but I would urge you not to use such an honorific for the Butcher as “Sir”. It indicates a nobility he does not have, and accords a status of which he is unworthy, both as a heretic and an unbridled murderer.

I am not normally one who embraces facile name-calling, but the Minmatar here who diminish him with the epithet “Napkins” are in this case, doing God’s work.


Just fire up the launchers. Same deal as every time this nonsense rears its head.

Edit: Pretty standard fitting, Reinforcement timer Monday 23:00 ± 2 hrs.


Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

Insanity is doing the EXACT SAME thing, over and over again, expecting things to change.
No, no, no, no, no, this time it will be different.
That. Is. Insanity.

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No, that’s not insanity.
And that’s not even definition of insanity.

I don’t remember, who first said that nonsense? And some eggers starter repeating it, jumping like hungry furriers in sight of their master. Do you even try to turn your brains on before thinking about what your write, or your implants hindered logic abilities?

Because doing the EXACT SAME thing, over and over again, expecting things to change, is the basis of learning and training. Every day you come and fight your instructor, but you end on your back. You do it again and again, day after day, week after week, month after month. And if you don’t give up, eventually your instructor will be on his back. It’s the way we grow smarter. It’s the way we grow stronger.

Because we DON’T born smart, and we DON’T born strong. We become smart and strong because we STEP over ourselves with our willpower and determination. We can fail, again and again and again. But if we don’t surrender, we eventually win.

That sort of nonsence about insanity, it’s a philosophy of spineless weaklings, who drop their hands at the sight of the first failure. It’s the squeal from under the carpet. And with that attitude you will STAY under the carpet. You will stay EXACTLY THE SAME. While we will develop and step over not just ourselves, but step over you as well.

I would urge caution. Just because there are two sides to a story doesn’t mean that both accounts are equally valid.


If you do the EXACT SAME thing then your instructor will never end up on his back you need to change what you are doing from what you are learning from your instructor to get better so said instructor lands on their back.

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