Announcement: New Red Temple Over Asezai V Operational

or you could just ask him out for a beer. Play your cards right and you’ll have him on his back by the end of the night and a passing review to boot…


Have you ever trained?..

Yes I have trained quite a lot and I see training as constant improvement and learning that’s why your instructor is called an instructor.

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But the key to constant improvement and learning is R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N. Of course instructor will be telling you new material, show new moves, but that will go into nothing if you won’t be repeating them each time.

Then it’s not the EXACT SAME thing, it’s being optimized through repetition.


Actually, there are 3 sides minimum to a story.

He said, she said, and the Objective Truth of what Actually Happened.

Then there is “How the Story is understood by Others” which is a fourth side, though sometimes it is multiple sides.

Polygonal, friend.


Is the Astrahus unestablished yet?


:rofl: I think it’s only a matter of time before we learn that Gallente, Civire, Ni-Kunni and, most shockingly, True Amarr are also lost tribes of Minmatar.


That had occurred to me, too. It took a bit to get him here, so it might actually be a little hard to do, but, it does kind of seem like when someone badly upsets Mr. Nauplius, a revelation might follow.

It’s tempting to make snarky comments and maybe draw up a page for bloodline bingo or something, but (1) it’d probably take years to play and (2) I don’t really want to find myself wishing him on anybody so that I can complete a row (even if that would be wishing in a very small and unserious way).


Poor emotional resilience skills + Religious fanaticism + Lots of money available + Heartbreak = … all this.

Napkins, you still didn’t said where it hurts so i can kiss it better. Instead of blowing your stuff up, perhaps a little caring can ease your soul.

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I’m pretty sure that combination doesn’t always add up to intended genocide without something more, Ms. Tsukiyo.


I’m in a giving mood, made my invitation, let’s see what he responds.

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The Scriptures have made abundantly clear that the Amarr are the Chosen People of God and no change of that status should be expected.

On the other hand, until now, the Theology Council canon Scriptures revealed nothing regarding the status of the Achurans. God in his wisdom has decided to reveal that which had been lost.

Your marbles?


I blame the playground bullies too!


They are ever most cruel to those in need of affection. One can’t help but wonder…


So, Mr. Nauplius, what would you do if (when) a True Amarr orders you to stop?


I would ask him to stop but I have shares in the Upwell Consortium so…


I think this situation calls for intervention by an expert in the handling of Imperial heretics.

Perhaps The Golden Mountain himself could be persuaded to take a hand. Has anyone asked Vaari to intervene in this matter?


The True Amarr have been blinded by the wayward and liberal teachings of the Theology Council.