Annual Account and Ganker

Hello CCP I have just renewed my annual Gedmoi account today, one of my 5 Omega accounts. It would be nice to have a discount or some Skin or other benefit during our annual automatic renewal, thank you For the game itself: when CCP will remove the possibility of being able to gank, Code faction and others which undermines the game in a sorry way. When will CCP crack down on SFK multi accounts? When will CCP modify the possibility of being able to take the lout of the MTU when it comes back to the vso and the player can destroy it, when it is 1000 meters from my vso? the player turns yellow only, Concord doesn’t come and if I shoot him it’s Concord that’s coming to kill me in High Security so it’s really a crazy thing that will soon make me quit the game if this continues. Wonderful game, but with some big loopholes such as gankers and this MTU story. Thank you for listening and for reading and responding to my long message that several dozen of my player friends will read. Nice day and happy end of year celebrations. Delaloye Georges capsuliers [

Loopholes… right.



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Avoiding ganks is actually quite easy. So, it’s pretty messed up that you’re lobbying for the removal of an entire play style just because you don’t feel like putting forth a modicrum of effort to protect yourself from the danger they pose.

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You got a discount. End of story.


Summary: I want to flaunt my ability to drop lots of cash on the game.

Rest assured, you’ll get your way there in the future. CCP is into whaling now.

lol what?

You realize that CODE. are just a players in a roleplaying corporation, right?

CODE. forbids roleplaying.

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What about in the bedroom?

James isn’t into that.

I was actually thinking more like Mr Cheng…

Ganking is normal game mechanics in action. Why would it be “removed”? Or do you mean remove the penalties for ganking, such as sec status loss, guaranteed destruction by CONCORD, and automatic wreck becoming “Abandoned” status?

Anyway, another whiny post about “ganking is bad”. You’re wrong. EVE Online is a player-driven, player conflict game. It’s not a “safe” place as far as game play and mechanics.

This statement clearly shows that you have no idea how game mechanics work. If the other party is flashy yellow (“Suspect” state) then you can attack them without consequence (except they can now attack you back with no consequence) for a minimum of five minutes. If they attack your MTU they will go Suspect and subject to anyone attacking them without CONCORD enforcement for 15 minutes.

Oh yah, Mr. Cheng likes to play MTU Hunter, if you know what I mean.

Seems your on your own little box. Asking CCP to removed others gameplay in favor of yours is worst than ganking.

One more little nerf to hisec ganking CCPlease, one more… that’s never enough.
Amongst all, the best thing CODE. does is to teach miners situational awareness.


Go away krab

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or when carebears freeze over, and hell stops whining?