Anomic Missions STEALTH Buffed without any warning!

Our group already corrected our fits for the buffs, so we’re not too bitter whether the changes remain or get fixed. Mostly, we’re fed up with CCP messing around with these missions without mentioning anything in the patch notes and when we lose ships because of that it’s just the worst.

Of course, the buffs don’t really add anything to the gameplay either. If anything, they take away from what makes burners interesting by further limiting the number of options you can use to run them. Now if you’re not using specific ships/fits with excellent/maxed skills, you are probably SOOL.

Edit: Also, the Burner Cruor was buffed from 9000 armor HP to like 13000 armor HP. How the flying *&$^ do you even get a FRIGATE to over 10k armor HP?? That’s more than some BATTLECRUISER rats!

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If this is true i approve of it well done CCP hope you will start changing l4s as well than straight to null sec carier/supper ratting than swing back for incursions too.

Get shiet in order.

That’s actually the only one I can still break with my old fit - of course, now it takes a couple reloads.

Try a Hawk with Rockets and a Howitzer (and, of course, shinny tank/webs/damage mod).

Did you saw the graphs? Mission runners make 1\10 what rattler do. Missions dont need any nerf.
Especially such strange. Buff anomic agent, havent touch teams and ruin only one anomic base.

Some of my friends tryed it and they doesnt have enough dps for it. Im gonna test enyo with A type platings later.

Check out my cap stable fits here: Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

I think most of the standard burner setups should still work, will just eat through a few more cap boosters for each mission. That said some non standard fits, or t2 fits are probably in danger. The risk of running out of cap, or burning out mods is higher with longer missions.

Thats the problem, they dont. Or they work with issues.
Im using B type unife DD for most of the burners, also i have asclepian set in my head, so…

Two words: Missile Implants :wink:

For what? For rail guns or blasters?

your friends either have low skills, or the wrong fit. hawk still works well for the serpentis burner. and no missile implant’s aren’t needed, at least not with max skills.

I fully believe the fits listed in the OP of the burner thread I linked earlier will work. my cap stable setups are highly based on them and in many cases lose dps and application and they all still work.

Any way topic was about stealth buff and why its wrong. To make CCP make any comments or fix that.

Its quete importand to make them hear us and notice that bug.

last time it worked well to open a ticket, describe the issue, ask for ccp lebowski and refer to this thread.

No, for missiles (ie Rockets)

I have max skills, but implants do afford a bit of a buffer in these trying times. Particularly since fits I’ve used for years are now garbage.


For sure not a fan of stealth changes, but I’ve been anticipating some sort of burner nerf for a while now.

Implants are great, it’s just I have gunnery implants, so no missile implants for me

There’s more than one way to skin a cat - but unfortunately at the moment I only have one cat. With these changes that may have to change - and that could be real expensive. Thank god I’ve been running Burner missions, eh?

After some testing i did today it seems like the options to face these new burners are extremely limited. Until this unannounced change there was quite a variety of different assault frigate setups possible. Now it seems like it’s down to pimped daredevil and some selected AFs like the mentioned hawk with multiple faction webs.
This is a problem for people with not perfect skills, or people who run these mission somewhere else than highsec.

A word from @CCP_Lebowski would be nice.

In null-sec you generally want to use multi-alt setups with an ECM frig, which are more than capable of dealing enough DPS to break the agent rats. I don’t think the shadow buff really did anything against those setups.

For conventional solo setups, you need to do some very bad things to your wallet to be able to make them work safely in null-sec. Things that 99% of people that play this game would not be comfortable doing.

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It seems to me that this buff has further put burner missions outside the purview of most lvl 4 mission runners, while contributing little to nothing to the game. Honestly, what is the point? I’ll be spending more on fittings than I’ll ever make by adding burner missions to my rotation. There is huge risk to lose an expensive ship with expensive fittings, and there’s nothing that it adds to my personal skills. These missions are even well beyond simulating battle with a competent opponent (which is what I thought the point of them was).

They should have left the burner missions as is and, if there really was a problem with mission runners, buffed regular missions by increasing DPS, AI, tank, or all of the above. But honestly, it’s hard to discern any rational objective with this change.

And still not a SINGLE statement of ccp about that, just ignore it. Seems the way they solve such stuff these days. My ticket about that still open, also no reply there.

The removal of diversity in options for running Burners is really what hurts it the most as a Frigate PvP emulating activity.

What makes Frigate PvP so fun and intense is the whole rock-paper-scissors meta behind it, trying to guess what the opponent is using and trying to figure out the best way to approach and fight it. If you guess right and your counter is strong enough to their fit, then you win.

Now imagine this sort of metagame playing out when everyone uses exactly 4 different frigates: Garmurs, hawks, daredevils, and wolves. That’s it, cause they are the only things that can fight Burners now.

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