Another I've returned and stuff changed thread

Before leaving I packed up my stations and left a wormhole. Few towers and a load of structures.
Do they still function like before?
I’ve seen notes of it going away and changes but nothing specific compared to 10 years ago.

Also, where is an area to look for new tools like EVEMON ?
3rd Party didn’t see it on the list so wasn’t sure if it was still around.


wb, i still see force fields on dscan frequently, so pos towers are still around. Dunno if anchoring requirements have changed. “Upwell structures” are much more common overall than pos now

My understanding is that you can still anchor POS sticks, but a lot of the functionality associated with them no longer works. They are mostly used as staging areas now, not as actual industrial hubs or anything like that.

evemon is gone iirc. Some sites out there give web based functionality maybe.

If an EFT user from long ago, you’d use pyfa now. That was newer trick to learn for a return for me.

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Yah POS sticks have been replaced with dockable upwell stations.

Pretty much all that stuff you have is just a paper weight now.

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There’s an ESI version of Evemon, not updated in a while but works:

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Not sure how up to date it still is, but you might check out this older discussion for some more details:

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Thanks for the info.
I was looking and serveral items are still in the market so I’m guessing those are functional.
The rest I’ll have to wage recycling perhaps.

Thank you for asking this.

I too took an extended break. However I’m considering returning. i still have many of my accounts. I miss the socialization that i had when i was in various corps/alliances. Ive not been able to find it in any other game. I tried console but the mindset of most console gamers is vastly different than pc. Most tend to want to go solo or never be on comms.

Hi, what I’m missing on this is they do not provide a very descriptive process for adding your account?
Adding brings up the EVE login page. Can’t say that I would willingly just click on something and enter my credentials so I can use a 3rd party software?

Multiple games these days provide an authorization method so that a 3rd party developer can access character information. There’s usually a way to check what information is being accessed.

What you’re doing here is telling EVE/CCP that you’re giving permission to EVEmon or whoever to access your skill list. Just make sure it’s the actual EVE login page/address and https: and secure login. It’s basically the same as logging in to your account management page.

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official instructions

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Thank you

Thank you for the link

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I looked this up but there are other versions being distro’d out?

So what is the difference?