Another letter from me, to CCP

Dear CCP,
Hi. It’s me again, Kerono. No, I’m not writing to apologize for my last letter. I said what I said, and I’m standing by it. I still think skill extractors and injectors are a terrible idea, and I still think you really should have just stuck to cosmetics like you said you would, rather than giving people shortcuts to the shinies… Look, I’m not going to re-hash that today. Actually, I’m here to tell you that I like where you’re taking things with this whole “Era of Chaos” thing you have going on. I’ve heard you guys talking about making EVE cruel, which even just hearing you say those words warms my heart, wherever that cold, black piece of generic-but-not-really station fuel is. I suspect I left it somewhere out in the ass end of Anoikis… Hm. Questions for later.

Clearly you’ve been listening to either your gut, or that little spark of your grimdark soul that I just knew was still in that increasingly fluff-corrupted heart somewhere. Maybe a little bit of both. With that whole blackout thing, you really poked a hole in the status quo, and I don’t quite have the words to tell you how unbelievably proud I am that you had the megacyte-plated balls to take that step. Seriously, the amount of salt you’ve managed to extract with that single action is enough to build a good few titans, I think. What you’re doing is working.

So now comes the part where I tell you that this is only the first step on the road to redemption. Yes, despite this, you’ve a long way to go, I’m sorry to say. There are many problems yet left to fix. You seem to have identified a good few of them, and at the very least put yourself in the right mindset to discover and fix the rest. If I could help you fix them, I would, but I’m afraid I can’t offer solutions for all of them right now. Regardless, the main purpose of this letter is to tell you that you’ve done a good job, and you should keep up the good work. You’re heading in the right direction. Don’t lose your momentum. Seriously, don’t. Please. Continue to let the grimdark flow from you, and everyone will thank you for it.

Write me back.

Yours truly,


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