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Like how f’ing amazing would that be?! Sure, it’s a cool story to say “Amarr has declared intergalactic war with Caldari”.

After everyone has seen just how utterly incompetent CCP actually is with these things when they did the bug mess called Trig Invasion that had a set outcome and even as players tried to actually prevent the Trigs from winning, CCP would just screw them over to get their predetermined outcome. Or the Stargate Trailblazer event where players hat not a single shred of agency and influence over the outcome either. No one would ever in earnest say that this would be “f’ing amazing”.

Everyone would say just how horrible the implementation is, how bugs unduely favor one side over the other and how CCP has already determined the outcomes that players cannot prevent or worse still that CCP actively works against what players do. You have no idea what you are talking about and what you say is nothing but toxic hogwash and eyewash.

What players will only just be learning is how much of a significant milestone our new Skill Plans and Skill Training systems are. They’re milestones for us internally and they’re milestones for the technology. Our tech teams have been trying to put as many of EVE’s technological needs as possible through microservices and away from the monolith,

Amazing milestones. Like the chat system that was outsourced first and has been creating nothing but issues since that time. It is less reliable than before, buggier than before, has less features than before (in particular for moderation) and has not improved reliability in the years since the system was changed. Plus, now it’s susceptible to AWS outages.

We could do a lot of damage. And with great power comes great responsibility.

“We do a lot of damage”. That would be more accurate. With every release of yet another completely bug-ridden mess that CCP calls a patch or update, people grow more and more annoyed with this company. Plus, looking at their previous baby, the new Skill window, it became most apparent that CCP knows not a thing about UI design, UI experience and ignored all feedback to rush the release of an unusable mess. And the latest of their babies, the Mining update? It continues this trend without wavering a micron off of this path.
However, it’s not even just the bugs that cause damage. It’s intentional features, too. The famed capital changes created havoc with the economy, and so did the notorious Rorqual changes and not to forget the structure introduction. And all despite better knowledge.

So yes, in some ways you could say we have more control over the economy but ultimately it will result in a much better game with a more functional and healthy economy for all.

Is what Burger says after they just tried to kill of a profession with neutering Prospects, after they deliberately and without any reasoning killed Procuror and Skiff usefulness, and after trying to turn the Rorquals and Orcas, that no doubt needed a change, into a massive click-fest tedium with the inspace compression. They don’t give players better tools. The only thing that they give players is more things that cause frustration and lack of enjoyable gameplay.

And what I’ll add to that is that New Eden is a dynamic living universe and becoming more so.

Considering that CCP has already started removing players from the open world into instances for safe farming; considering that they have already introduced more instanced activities that no one can interfere with as the areas are population capped (so that people can have a “hand-crafted , carefully designed experience”), CCP is not interestedd in a dynamic living universe. It’s interested in turning EVE into a theme park.

we have a few storylines that have been in the game, not from Day One but from pretty damn close, that have never been picked up by anyone. We have been somewhat actively progressing them and writing about them and adding new elements that no one has ever noticed or commented on!

Where does CCP write on them? There have been no new story elements with substance in years. The last chronicle is 3 years old. The Trig-Edencom story is dead and has devolved into an ISK printing scheme. Even the Caldari Prime bombing has not yielded any new developments and the new CEP chair has just appeared out of nowhere without any explanation. Where does CCP write and add new elements that “no one has ever noticed”? What’s not there cannot be noticed. We now have this wonderful Lore portal. All we need is more lore, right?



because ccp lives in an alternate reality. got a leaked video from rantanplans computer.

Can’t believe what I just read in that interview. Houston, we located the problem.

Also, as a sidenote, creating a dashboard management system with more buttons and levers for ccp can hardly be equated to “hoping to give players more control”. Dashboard systems irl management were fashionable back in the 2000’s, so…


sisipi is in love…

What exactly did they say that’s so bad?

Are you people just whining for the sake of whining now?


everything suddenly became wonderfully beautiful…

And first one to find the 2004 missing storyline gets a free skin.

Did you read the first post? There is a quote. It tells you at least one thing that they said. And I will add more remarks in a few minutes to other things that they said.


Well what they aspire and what they do doesn’t fit together. They are more and more micro-managing aspects of EvE severely reducing the solution space for challenges in the game. If their decisions about “good” and “bad” gameplay would be right, nobody would complain … it’s like moving from a democracy to dictatorship.


Nice post reading, I enjoyed since this forums are less and less intelligent, this was a refresh.

Now I’m gathering courage to read the interview, I think I gonna lose 1d6 sanity points, but it’s unavoidable.

CCP should do everything they can think of and ignore the naysayers.

Get her done.

Rip off the bandaid and lets get The Last Decade off with a bang.

Dare you.

I wish I could get this passionate about something……… anything………one thing.

I mean I really love eve. But picking apart a dev interview line by line on a forum seems a bit much.

Like how f’ing amazing would that be?! Sure, it’s a cool story to say “Amarr has declared intergalactic war with Caldari”

I think some content of this kind is already a FW stuff, maybe could see expansion with Invasion mechanics, but yes, the incompetences would really start shining thru things bein developed. It would be full of bugs, even inbalances, maybe even bias, for sure it would promote destruction in high sec and more pressure on financing thru PLEX purchases.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

The mining blog/update thread(s) is littered with posts where people are doing nothing but moaning that CCP are tinkering with things that don’t need tinkered with and they should focus on delivering something new to the game.

And then a throwaway comment about an idea for new content gets a “oh my god…… why would you even bother doing anything new coz you will only f*ck it up.”

No wonder CCP doesn’t engage in here. If everytime you opened your mouth you got torn to shreds would you engage. Even if someone from CCP delivered a perfect idea that was universally loved you would still have have the forum on a soap box screaming “I can’t believe you opened your mouth to tell us this great idea because we had to look at your teeth and they are disgusting. Why don’t you go to a dentist”


Some people want lore, new lvl 4 missions, more spaceships, more sites, more space, more structures, things they know and like, and not something that would turn their established interest upside down.

Also there are people who would gladly take that opportunity made by CCP to destroy some noobs or carebears or rob them, or make much ISK on them.

Some changes are favoring one group, some are favouring the other, but thats not the point, CCP have to make more Icelandic Króna on it.

It’s not my fault or the fault of people who complain and constructively criticize CCP. It’s entirely CCP’s fault for doing exactly that. They had all the potential in the world to do something great with the Trig Invasions, but they threw it away like a used wet towel. Worse still, they admitted openly once the Invasion was in full swing that the players have no influence over the outcome even though they boastfully claimed that players would decide the future of the cluster.
They also boastfully claimed that players had a lot of agency in the Starget Trailblazer event, only to reveal that the results were set in stone and any effort by players was meaningless.

That happens only because CCP introduced a system just before that latest trainwreck in progress where they said that decoupling things from one another is a really important thing to make the game better. Or even before that for a lot of years CCP has been talking about how they were trying to replace old systems with new systems. But when both of these aspects would have been a really great thing to employ to create something better while not ruining what works well, they throw all the that away and just do unoriginal, uninspired changes.

That is entirely CCP’s fault. They have been delivering nothing but trainwrecks riddled with bugs, lacking features, outright removing features and all that while claiming that this makes the game better.

I wonder about that. Even the most perfect idea has flaws that should be pointed out so that they can be fixed and the “most perfect idea” turns into an even better idea. It is not entirely impossible that people will complain but that’s entirely because of CCP’s decade of shame, their decade of messing things up without a pause. You reap what you sow, so to speak. CCP has not been more than big talk in the last decade when it comes to delivering good things. They have not been able to deliver even remotely what they boasted about.

If you think that they are treated unfairly, that’s your prerogative. I only want a better game to experience. But judging by CCP’s trackrecord of the last decade, they are not interested in that. And worse yet: No one, not even CCP, seems to know what they are actually doing.

And now I took your post apart line by line. You are welcome to prove me wrong.



I think this is the key issue. CCP isn’t all that connected to their playerbase (or sometimes, reality). And they have this corporate culture of “woot! CCP we are the best! We’re awesome edge-of-technology hardcore badass virtual pioneers!” and they simply can’t process the disconnect between what they want to achieve and what they actually produce as a product.

My own disappointment with CCP has pretty much stemmed from this: that they’re always promising and hyping far more than they can deliver, and they never seem to learn. Case in point the lines about “so cool if these human moments drove great empires, we want to give players the autonomy and control” vs. the reality of Trig invasion, “scripted result from the get-go”.

That said, I agree with Ramona: CCP should just forge ahead, blow the doors off, throw in whatever they can get to half-work, and let things end with a bang. ATM it’s headed for a whimper and that would be a shame for EVE.

(Well, TBH, what I think CCP should do is hire a creative team that can tell their a55 from their elbow and maybe start testing their code before they release it, but that ship has already sailed.)

It would also be interesting to see what they mean by these unseen story elements. Or the “film” people should watch to uncover them.

At any rate, for better or worse, CCP seems to be willing to make more changes in the past 2 years than I’ve seen since around 2010. Hopefully, at least some of them will turn out to be good.