A tragedy

I am here to admit that I have been knocked off centre over this. I find it painfully unfair to change the fundamentals of a well loved game system nineteen years down the line.

A great deal has been said on the subject, there is no point repeating it, and there is no hope that any words written on this forum will dissuade Seep (CCP) from doubling down on this disaster.

So, I’m in mourning. I can only describe this feeling as a form of grief.
I withdraw my support of the game and the direction in which is headed by no longer logging in to play.

I choose instead to celebrate what I love about this game by publishing the internal monologues of that have driven the majority of decisions I’ve made in game. The why of how I have done things would baffle most players. I have deliberately eschewed ample opportunities I had identified for gain because they would be contrary to my interpretation of the game lore as it relates to the characters I play. Stupid? Maybe. Yet a integrity is all I have that is worthwhile and my characters feel the same way about slavery as I do. I’m looking at you sub-cranial-microcontrollers.

I constantly reference “Seeps” property in the form of named systems, vessel types and races.
The thing about publishing to the forum is that the events described are not happening on the tranquillity database. So, they can never be canon, these characters are mine alone.

What is slavery?
Black’s law defines the condition of a slave; that civil relation in which one man has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another. In human trafficking types of exploitation, contract slavery uses false or deceptive contracts to justify or explain forced slavery.

In EVE online the the terms of service we all agreed to now support a subtle form of contract slavery, although I am sure they can be quite clever about obtaining your unwitting consent from you in game.

I play this multi-player game mostly solo these days since corp’ fellows fell away. It is quite sad actually, because I have been care-taking two of these characters for my young children to play once they were old enough to appreciate what was being gifted to them. Oh, by the way “Seep” that is the kind of stable exponential growth you are negating with your scorn of well established players.

My hope is that Seep will see the light, admit their folly and repent when the active player count drops. Although, I doubt the number of objectors like myself will outweigh the many ignorant and supportive players there are.

I feel Seep has broken the spirit of this collaborative gaming system. It has overreached its founding principles and intends to profit from labour garnered through fraud. I can not in good conscience play it any longer or recommend it to others.

In any case, I’m no quitter, so this word-stuff is all you are going to get. Not that my stuff-stuff amounts to that much anyway.


The fundamentals changed at least ten years ago. Time to catch up, Snowflake.

You’d ragequit in a New Eden second if this game reverted back to its fundamentals.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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Here we go again.

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I’m not ready to call this as bad as incarna just yet. Those times I though was going to be the death blow. Sounds like CCP was just testing the waters for future store offerings like this and I think they got the message. Whether they understand it is another thing.

There are too many other games on the market right now that are operated by more honest individuals that don’t misrepresent their aims and goals–there’s really no reason to stick around and fund the continued destruction of this game. The only thing that matters are daily and monthly logins. I can only imagine when those hit a critical mass the changes we want to see in upper-level leadership positions will then occur. Time to take a break.

Obligatory “can I have your stuff?

I agree. I played through the Incarna fiasco and the Summer of Rage, and about 9 months after that, then took a decade hiatus before returning, so a lot of my Eve mentality and perspective is still rooted in a freeze-frame snapshot from that time period.

The amount of disdain (to put it mildly), vitriol, and outrage then is incomparable to now. Back then, every other conversation with a player – on the forum, in local, in your corp phpBB forum (lol), on Vent, alluded to Incarna outrage or was a monacle joke or a pay-for-pyfa joke.

That doesn’t mean things being fought for are less important than now, just that Incarna happened to pick things to screw over that every player used on a constant basis (ex: there was no ship simulation fitting window so pyfa was absolutely necessary). Pack sales are harder for everyday players to find than “pyfa going away unless you personally pay for API access”.

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Yeah, I’ve already pointed to the stuff I’d like you to buy into. No pressure though, voluntary bites are best.

No sure what you mean by that, so I’ll just not my head and say something generic like “uh-huh”.

I’m not begging for a regression. I’m pretty pleased with what what I guesstimate is coming SoonTM development wise.

To be clear, the moral line I’m protesting on was not crossed when CCP was acting like a bank and spawning stuff out of thin air. Although that is arguably worse for the game.
I’m arguing against them obtaining legal tender from our labour.
I know that they technically do already from subscriptions generated from the content we provide , and I’m perfectly fine with that.
Selling in-game products to a market beyond the scope of the in-game market is a tax. It can only make the player-base poorer.
I freely admit that my economic theory could be incorrect on this point so tell me I’m wrong and why.

At the very least CCP is setting up to act like a fence and providing a firewall anonymity to whatever RL funny-money group that wants to exploit it, while others will be sanctioned.

@Snowflake_Tem Sorry to see you leave the game.

Can I have your stuff, please?:smiley:

I support this thread, even if blowhard nitwits will come out saying “muhh dem changes happened ages ago already muurrhh… stehp krying nub lel …”

It’s still a ■■■■ direction to continue going to, and we all agree here.

Sure, here you go.

More soon. Edits and proof reading on a developer schedule.

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When I gave these current issues some thought, it was evident to me that the entire game was spawned out of thin air at some point. Much as the players would like to think that somehow they retrospectively bootstrapped it into play…in fact a huge amount of stuff must have been already there for the first players of Eve. A creation from nothing that makes the insertion of the odd Retriever into that universe piffling by comparison.

Fair point.
If I recall correctly, way back when I played the beta - Retrievers were not at thing.
In fact Mining battleships were all the rage at one point.

The whole issue of entry level ships is undermined by Eve prices. The more prices rise, the less effective those entry level ships are. The more a Procurer costs, for example, the more trips a noob has to do in their Venture to pay for one. A fully fitted Procurer means about 100 trips in a Venture. For someone who mines 3 hours a day every day ( a noob Venture mines about 1m ISK an hour ) , that is a month away. One then has to ask…how many noobs are going to wait that long.

That’s the issue, and I can see ‘why’ CCP sought to intervene to make getting a barge easier. And to some extent, the very industrialists who protest the loudest are partly responsible…insofar as they hold sway over prices