Another Long Night

Once again, the Matari people stand at the precipice of another long night. The Amarr Slavers again force their will on our people, to enslave once more? Some fear it will be vengeful genocide and with the construction started of these Stellar Construction Sites in the Systems of Vard, Egmar and Turnur! aimed at our very Suns, the worse can only be imagined.


The fight does not go well, the Warzone is under Amarr control for the most part, The Amarr are better organised and can field larger numbers across the warzone. But still the Minmatar fight on…


Look to the stars Matari! While you still can! Remember our fight for freedom, the sacrifices our brothers and sisters have made to gift us this freedom. Take up arms, This is the final call! Matar needs you…



Rally the troops and push them back. This is on you and your soldiers. There are dire consequences if they can complete these projects unimpeded.


A rousing speech, Macsliebh. It is a shame that it is seeped in typical Golden Scare propaganda.

So long as Holy Amarr continues, as it always has, to respect the terms agreed to in both the Yulai Accords and the CEMWPA legislation governing proper warzone conduct, there really can be no complaint from parties loyal to the other signatories of those agreements here.

After all, this war is what Ushra’Khan wanted, right? What it helped to sabotage earnest attempts at peace in order to bring about? Now you have it, under the terms your government helped to negotiate. You can’t really point the finger at Amarr as the villain here; especially when all it has done is begin constructing facilities in space it controls in accordance with terms agreed by all nations involved.


There was a time when the Amarr were at least honest, some still are and that is to be grudgingly respected. You however have turned to comedy… We won’t see eye to eye on this, move along with your “Golden” propaganda.

Like lobbing anti-matter munitions at baseliner population centers! That was totally covered by the CEMWPA that was all about capsuleer warfare in space. So however you want to murder baseliners is obviously just fine!

And now producing these new stellar facilities in space where the Empire, tasked with ‘cultivating the spirit of man’ is fine with murdering every civilian baseliner in the system, rather than say, doing it in systems populated by Amarr.

You know it’s wrong. You know you’re preaching deceit and lies. And you know, though you’ll never even admit it to yourself, that you’re doing it because you’re desperate to convince yourself of the rightness of all of this, but you don’t have the courage to follow the example that’s been placed before you all.

There are two examples of Amarr capsuleers who have truly embodied the courage of their convictions. If you can’t follow Arsia’s example, at least nut up and follow Mitara’s. Be honest, instead of hiding behind lies about observing ‘proper warzone conduct’.


I feel I must inform you that they have every right to be afraid in this instance, and going forward in the war to surely come. Truth be told, even I am trepidatious for what is to come, as I was when the offensive for Floseswin was ordered, as I knew it would be a difficult road ahead, made only worse when I had to embark it without my onetime friends and allies. I fear that will be repeated, but on a still grander scale, until we finally find a victory that will cow the rebels back into their seat at the negotiating table.

You are right that they started this conflict after the long peace broken by Shakor and his ilk’s coup, and now it is time to finish it. I pray you and your ilk will see the wisdom in the Empress’s drive to fight in this moment, even if you denied the truth when my Lord Sarum started to carry out her will.

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An apostate that betrayed her own people to protect her fragile ego, and a noblewoman that publicly belittled her own people to show support for her husband’s destructive personal vendetta and protect his fragile ego.

No, I’ll stick to the examples of those that have stood by me and the rest of their brethren. They may not fit the model of what the Arrendis Culomes or Pol Macsleibhs of the cluster would prefer me to be, but I’d argue that is a good thing.

The way you keep coming back to the same motivations for all of those you disagree with suggests there may be a bit of projection involved.

It seems we can’t even have a thread without Amarrians trying to invade it and impose their views. That tracks…

Regardless, I see you Pol, and I will stand with you wherever I can. You are a credit to your Tribe and the Republic, and you will not fight alone.

Never Again Another Long Night


Was it though? Sounded to me like using old warcries for cheap emotional appeal. Which is kinda par the course for Shakor and his fans.

And even if you don’t like either Amicia or what she says, there is a kernel of truth in it. People wanted war with the Amarr and they got it, however limited in scope it is for now. Not happy about it? Tough.

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I know these words are probably poison to you, Teinhyr, coming from one such as me, but thank you. No matter how deep our differences run, it genuinely is comforting to know that there are still some Republic supporters out there, no matter how limited in number or ostracized by their peers, that are willing to acknowledge inconvenient truths and hold your leaders to account for their actions.

If there were more like you, this cluster would be a much less miserable place.

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Less poison and maybe a mild irritant. Just a few more people complaining about me in the media, but ■■■■ 'em.


No complaints, just asking for more people to kill the likes of you and your ilk.

“Not happy about it? Tough.”

Thats the best you got? getting old Teinyhr your words use to at least to attempt to break skin. Back in your box.

Me and my ilk? Who would that be? People who have fought for the Republic and its people most of their adult lives, always, and not only when it suits them?

I believe only one of us has been involved in a group that has fought against the legitimate government of the Republic, and it aint me.


There you are! you better get busy then, unless you retired?

I recommend taking the time to ponder the notion that she might have cause for that. Out of the many vile servants of the Empire’s ravenous gluttony, the slaver harpy is one of the exceedingly few that has earned a measure of respect for her unapologetic honesty and stance. When she speaks on these things, it’s without prevarication, dissembling or excuses. Just the truth as she sees it and staunchly holding her chosen standpoint firm and without fault.

This is so exceedingly rare amongst your kind that I can not even begin to describe just how poorly it reflects on you that you choose to disrespect these qualities and actions.

Should I ever come into a position where I could break and murder the Newelle Matriarch with my bare hands, it would be a genuine and thorough pleasure. An enemy so thoroughly implacable and hostile that I can and must respect them, and their honest and true chosen place in New Eden.

And those who would rather speak ill of such a display of principle and discipline… well, an enemy they would remain but the kind one look down on, as the trash they act like.

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Woah. Hey. Could we not speak of my lady like this?

First of all, she never did this. The vendetta you speak of is shared by the both of us; I carry it in her name, not the other way around, and of course we would belittle those who praise and congratulate the object of that vendetta when they do so. Why? Because in case you have forgotten, the apostate your alliance fleets with at least once a month betrayed us directly and well earned the ire we direct at them. I believe we have every right to decry this appalling behavior, and any pathetic excuses offered to justify it. This is ignoring deeper offenses both before and after the event you reference that have compounded matters, and I need not repeat them lest you continue to deny the role of all parties in this ridiculous state of affairs.

Thank you for your kind(?) words but I assure you, you will never get that chance.

Now. Poor friends and excellent foes, let us have a good, clean war over these stars without anyone insulting or murdering my wife before they do so me. You ■■■■■■■ barbarians.


Well, it took a long time, but I’m glad you finally admitted it; that you belittle and obstruct us not because you act in the best interests of your fellow brethren, but rather because you hold a personal vendetta for one specific pilot who also happened to take part in the combined defense of Amarrian systems. Regrettably, your fixation on feeding that vendetta has proven more important to you both than treating your own brethren with respect or dignity.

I looked up to you once. Now, sadly, I’m beginning to understand the reason why that object of your vendetta left in the first place. Villains that twirl their moustaches are easy to spot, but those that clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged, Lord Consort. I will not repeat her failure, but I will learn from yours.

I believe I will leave this Summit for a time. For a while now I’ve been unable to shake the feeling that this place only festers hatred and conflict, and I have felt the very same darkness building within me more than I would like. Seeing what that could eventually make me become were I to let it take hold, well, I would rather ensure that it never does.

May your efforts against the Tribal Liberation Force go well, Lord Consort.


I am busy.

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