Another One Bites The Dust

Was browsing Twitter and saw this:

Seems like CCP is burning through Community Dev’s pretty quick…


youch, didn’t see that coming…

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More like the Community burns through Community Dev’s pretty quick :slightly_frowning_face:.


Short stay indeed.


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p.s. thx dmc for letting us know.

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@CCP_Aurora @CCP_Dopamine
Since there was no notice posted in these Official Eve Online Forums about the Community Dev leaving, will we get a new Community Dev and if so, will that info be posted here or do we have to find out about it on various other Social Media platforms?


Amazing that CCP could choose a variety of social media platforms to announce huh?

Its almost like they get to choose considering its their business.



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No replacement is being made.

If you have proof then post it, if not then you’re just trolling. Personally I think it’s the latter since your character is obviously an alt that’s barely over 1 month old.

@ISD Any chance of finding out if we’ll get a new Community Dev and will there be a notification posted here in these Official forums?


Your reply doesn’t answer my question and more importantly, it has nothing to do with this thread topic.

Multiple times in the past I’ve stated my viewpoint about brand new alt characters posting in these forums… Post with your main…

I will remove my post. It was not supposed to answer your post. It was an answer towards general attitudes some people reflect…
like CCP does whatever they want they don’t need to give you any explanation. I saw an example of it in this thread too…A Plague mindset.

Also post as directly about the subject and some who answer as like CCP doesn’t have to announce these things in the channels you can access. or do use. They decide where to and how to.

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Yet when I do, people get mad :smiley:

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Thank you. Even though it was well written and something I don’t disagree with, it still didn’t pertain to this thread topic or answer the question about a new Community Dev.

Someone from them has already given your answer…


Why does a game with sub 30k active customers & Spartan development need more than one community developer?

Fanfest they’d have to provide some cover from other teams but wow a community “team”, chillaxed that team must be.

Don’t think there’s more than one, or if there is, they probably have different roles, like @CCP_Dopamine posts most of the Dev Blogs, Patch Notes and Feedback threads. I think X-CCP Fleebix’s main role was Community Liaison, viewing threads and interacting with us here in the forums.

I’m sure @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode has more knowledge about this than I do.

Also if @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode does show up, hopefully he can let us know if we’re going to get a new Community Dev.

Probably best to leave community announcements to the community developer instead of the CCP kiss ass, bridge trolls that are the ISD.