Another original brain fart v2 (delux edition)

I GOT THIS! Probably not, but I gonna do it anyway.


  • I may be trolling sometimes;
  • I don’t care, read at your own risk, I’m so not gonna respond;

CSMs superb intelligence and variety is so busy with complex null/wh space somebody needs to help poor CCP to figure out how to revitalize HS. Oh, I’m not the hero HS wanted, but I’m the only one HS will get. Life sucks, I know…

Of course High Security system is for carebears, nobody cares about it, big blocks have stations and corps in high sec just to mock US! They even make alts to live in high sec just for comic effect, imagine that!

But we poor carebears got a new HERO, a shitty one, but that’s gonna have to do.

“If I retreat kill me, If I fall avenge me!”

Brain farts:

  • Criminal system and bounty changes:
  1. Bounties are only put by Concord or DED or whatever;
  2. Bounties are only removed when amount is paid up;
  3. Activating a bounty will start aggressive timer (carebears will cry, but EAGER pvpers will bear with me);
  • New lvl 4 mission, fair 1x1 against a fair AI playing by the rules using faction modules, but inside a ESS bubble and AI may bring anything, random cruiser/battleship/BC class; Gate will be locked only for ship class and the player;
  • We are not going to pay for Null sec local chat anymore, new structure to be anchored which will provide local chat, no structure no chat. There’s no point for NPCs to be paying up to give null sec communications array, they should put their own structure;
  • Faction warfare will be about public empire fleet and three sites per system, holding a site accumulate points or whatever. No PvE, only pew pew;

This is it, don’t thank me, I’m just doing my hero work.

Fly safe o7

Not sure if I understood this correctly. You mean like sov owners will have to anchor communication array so that they will have local chat , communication array that can be also destroyed just like any other structure that you anchor.
If so, I like this idea. I like the idea of players being able to mess around with communications of sov holders that can result in a blackout .

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