Anti-ganking measures

The intelligence of most NPCs wouldn’t make for a terribly formidable guard, unless they were on par with CONCORD, which is overpowered on purpose. Gankers play the game of trying to kill targets, and part of the game we play as would-be targets is avoiding gankers.

The gankers play their game well. It’s our job to rise to the occasion and outsmart them, be prepared, make ourselves less appealing, and try to survive. That’s part of the challenge of what makes EVE fun.


Not everyone wants to accomplish being a PvP pilot but are more comfortable accomplishing being a MIner.

Gatecamps in Hi-Sec were never a thing to begin with.

Hi-Sec gankers get to employ the use of NPC’s in their game by pulling Concord away and making response times slightly slower.

Why can’t non-gankers also be able to employ NPC’s in their game play, just slightly though, like the gankers do, but in defense of their mining barges?

You can pull CONCORD to your mining barges anytime.

That also potentially provides an early warning of a system being prepared for a gank, not just immediate response if CONCORD are on grid.

If CONCORD is allowed to be pulled, then simply create a Pull Alt, have the Pull Alt attack another mining barge, what for CONCORD to blap, exit and return as a miner.

If each miner in a fleet of five barges does this one time, each, in cruiser or battlecruiser, then more than enough CONCORD should be on site to defend against a gank.

That is ONLY if CONCORD is allowed to be legally pulled to a location. But hey…who is really going to say anything?

They are.


From what I can tell, you don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game.

Every time someone brings up something that is ruining the game for them you are just like ‘meh’.

You’ve made your bones and you don’t care about those coming up. Wonder why player count is so low who knows :man_shrugging:

If this is “from what you can tell,” it’s clear you don’t read most of what I write or listen to anything I say on the Meta Show or RampageInc.

There is nothing wrong with this aspect of the game. There is an absurd amount of things that are wrong in other areas of the game that demand attention first. The reason why the player count is so low is because of those other things, and veteran players who are quitting. The changes being discussed here are exactly the kind of things that would drive existing players out of the game.


@Brisc_Rubal Name 1 thing that needs to be fixed/changed in wormhole space.

I really, really, really, really, really, really want to say “blue loot needs to be nerfed” just to ■■■■ with you, but I won’t.

But you asked for one actual thing, so I’ll go with removing pochven filaments from working in wormholes.

That being said, other than the frigate hole nonsense which doesn’t need to be changed, there’s not much I hear from wormholers that they want changed, because nobody wants the risk of CCP messing around with wormholes when we know what they do every time they think they’re fixing something.


Cloak / MWD seems like a workaround that uses a flaw in code to exploit. Way to go keeping that tech debt around forever lol. It’s like people that let that check engine light burn out and then claim it’s been fixed!

Ganking could be fixed with a tweek to the security status system to make it more of a punishing choice to break the law in highsec. Currently you just pod over to a CONCORD station and turn in some badges and go right back out there. Disabling station services in the immediate area around where the crime took place could also help (e.g constellation wide). Something that spices up CONCORD. Alternatively, there is fertile ground for some story line work around it. Make it so the ganker has to complete a story arc to get back into CONCORDs good graces before being able to use station services again. I mean, ■■■■ do something imaginative CCP. Make it cool to be a ganker beyond just third party kill board fame and some loot.


Without filaments how would we get our ships out when we get rolled out?

Have every ship have a mobile depot with a scanner and cloak and scan for hours or get launched to some crap nullsec system for f1 monkeys to feed on?

The same way you did it before those filaments existed.


Which was what?

You’re the wormholer - I’m asking you.

I am a wormholer, and a damn good one, but eve is a big place, and I didn’t move to Jspace until a bit over a year or so ago.

Filaments have always been in my cargo since day 1 of Jspace.

Prior to the filaments, folks had to fly stuff where they could scan down exits and entrances and find their way back home. That’s part of the deal of flying in wormhole space. And I’ve heard a lot of complaints about roach fleets and the ease that filaments have made for escaping from PVP, etc.

Ooof. So when asked the one thing you would change about wormhole space, its not even an improvement, its just a way to feed nullsecc’rs more kills.

You would have us spend hours scanning a roller rather than use a filament? That is the best you have – with everything going on with wormholes?

You know to use it you can’t have a combat timer and you have to be in a fleet by yourself and you can’t be cloaked, yeah?

The only time they can be used to ‘escape pvp’ is if you’ve already ‘escaped pvp’ and are trapped in the system, cloaked on a safe somewhere. Even then you have to sit cloaked 15 minutes.

And if you have no cloak? You’ll be running the entire time.

If that is your 1 change… wow. Out of all the things, really, poch filaments?! Things are worse than I thought with CSM & wormholes. Atleast say ALL filaments so your bias doesn’t show so badly.

Wormholes were never meant originally for people to live in them. they are meant to be the most dangerous part of the game… whats wrong with keeping it dangerous and not making it safe?