Anti-ganking measures

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mines in lowsec, cries when he dies in lowsec.

This thread is about ganking in highsec.

Lowsec where you got killed by a battleship is pvp 24/7/365. As a matter of fact each part of space in EVE is that. Does not matter what you fly, if somebody cathes you in a frigate, they will even drop a dread on you.

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I’m sorry for whatever gave you that impression. What adverts did you see that made you think Eve was only about exploration, and that trade and diplomacy were the goals?

When watching the following intros, trailers, or other videos, it’s pretty clear Eve is a lot of things. New Eden is a cruel and grim universe of greed, power, conflict, wealth, corruption, industry, destruction, and mystery. A player has to face the whole universe, not mere parts of it, and one’s self-direction and mentality dictates how far a person can go.

Hopefully these links will help you reframe how the universe has been advertized the past 19 years.


Expansion Trailers: (very few are about exploration)


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I am not talking about the red rats getting anyone.
This game needs to let players OPT OUT of PVP which only reinforces the notion that EVE is full of Psychotic Deranged BULLYs who believe ganking and STEALING is acceptable as a way of life. Let there be 2 types in the game, PVP and OTHERS and the GREEN means SAFE not Kill me now

I think you are looking for alt+F4 and uninstall…well thats how you win EvE at any rate

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Only if you have absolutely no feasible way of impacting anything. Like you cannot sell to the market for players to buy, and, and, and… Anything that has you interacting with other players should then not be allowed.

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You can opt out of PvP. Don’t undock.


OBVIOUSLY…you didn’t understand the assignment.

  1. A MINING FLEET - a collection of mining barges or ships fit with mining lasers that engages in the process of mining rocks, wants to use CONCORD to defend it’s mining operation. The members of the mining fleet ARE NOT gankers.

  2. The members of the mining fleet, ten total, assemble their mining fleet of nine barges and one battlecruiser.

  3. The nine mining barges warp to the rock belt as a fleet.

  4. The battlecruiser, not part of the fleet but is an alt and not part of the mining corporation, warps to the mining fleet’s location and attacks a barge and draws a ganking battlecruiser appropriate CONCORD fleet to the gank being performed, RAWR.

  5. For the next 15 minutes, a CONCORD fleet is present where the miners are located and instantly responds to any further attempts by real gankers, CODE for example, trying to gank the mining barges.

  6. When the 15 minute aggro timer is up CONCORD magically warps out, the battlecruiser pilot who initiated the gank returns with a cruiser, attacks a mining barge that draws a cruiser sized appropriate CONCORD fleet. The cruiser is vaped, the mining fleet gets another 15 minutes of CONCORD protection.

YOU are nothing more than a " my way or I take my ball and go home" bully.
There is NO REASON why non PVP players cant play the game in a free market situation alongside the PVPers, you just cant GANK them . This game has a lot to do if it wasnt filled with Violent gotta kill something mentality,. Only the RED RATS can attack anyone, PLAYERS should have the option to do PVP or just play the game. The game needs to change from formenting violence, bullying, Virtual murder, theft of property, and also the fact that portions of the game encourage SLAVERY. Players dont understand that these values can have an impact on the way people think in real life.
Dont tell me to get out of the game, I have a right to play, but the rules need to be fair. The attitude that every player is an enemy is just plain PARONOIA , and ganking other players for cash is just plain wrong.

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There are reasons. Several. Which are in this thread and in other threads.

Meaningful choice being one. As it stands currently if I go mining I need to MAKE A DECISION between yield and defense. If I can’t be ganked I have no decision to make. All low slots and all rigs would be yield orientated and there would be no diversity of fitting. That’s bad before we even consider the impact on markets of 100% of high sec ore (mined at an increased rate because no need to consider defense) is guaranteed to make it to market.

Before you know it you will be mining 3 hours for 3mill isk

Oh come on man. Really? Grow up

The rules are fair. They apply to everyone evenly. You are not penalised in any way compared to me.

Or in new Eden. Common sense.

Ganking provides a function.

As a miner and explorer based out of high sec I can’t really imagine anything worse for this game than what you are suggesting. So please just stop.

If you don’t want to be ganked mining then don’t mine in ganker systems. I mine regularly and haven’t seen a ganker in like a year. Because I move away from hubs and main routes and mine in systems with a handful of people in local who I know. It’s really not rocket science.

Gankers are not going to fly 20 jumps away from their hot spots just to find YOU when the majority of targets go to them…… mining in silly places and autopiloting through Uedama.

Stop trying to ruin the game I love for no other reason than you are too lazy to take basic safety precautions.


Everyone else here playing is an adult that can separate a work of fiction from reality. The “video games cause violence” whining of politicians has long been debunked. If you are unable to separate a work of fiction from reality, I sincerely encourage seeking professional help.

The grim universe of Eve certainly helps me form my values in real life, just like reading The Color Purple, playing the original Call of Duty campaign glorifying Pegasus Bridge and Stalingrad, the movie Schindler’s List, and all sorts of other media that addresses really tough topics of death, corruption, humanity (or the lack of it), and so on. I think it a mistake to ban those because “think of the children” (or adults, in this case).

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I used to market PvP without undocking.

Came back from a break to find exorbitant fees for modification of sale order prices and the inability to change a price beyond the fourth digit.

Did it trash my play style? Definitely

Did I whine and cry? No. I adapted, I grew. For me, that is what Eve is about.
The moment this game becomes easy, that’s when it will lose me.

Gankers are just a challenge to overcome.
Like everyone else they want to do what they find fun and do it for the least ISK possible.
Make it to expensive to hit you and no fun for them if they do and real quick they move on to better salt fields.

Also, @Jalxan posted a great list of tips to avoid ganks here back on April 7th. That ought to get posted to the newbies section.

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You are correct.

The only plausible means of defeating gankers, such as CODE, is to pilot the EDENCOM ships that does damage to several ships at once. Five EDENCOM battleships would make short of any catalyst gank fleet, but then you have the problem of CODE targeting the pricey EDENCOM ships.

You could use Smartbombing battleships as well, but then CODE would solicit the Smartbombing battleship pilot by using senses of emotion and the thrill of them seeing a lot ships on the anti-gankers kill board.

CODE when then entice the anti-ganker to join CODE where the anti-ganker can do the same thing for a lot less and get in on the loot share.

The only way to beat CODE is to have space ethics.

If you focus more on finding the most comfortable tissues for wiping away tears, and never log on, the mean old Eve players can’t get you!