Any chance of station walking ever again?

I really want to walk in stations. I think the biggest problem that we have with walking in stations is that it wasn’t tied to any PvE or PvP content. It was just kinda useless. When people play eve, I imagine that they are focused on doing something; completing a task for that playtime. I fell in love with walking around captain’s quarters, though. It was all I could do when my small corporation was war dec’d by larger PvP focused mercenary corps. We did play on sisi a little bit.

I actually have an idea that could use walking in stations in a heist scenario that could produce a suspect tag when you leave the station. It could be really cool, but I don’t think anyone actually wants it besides me.


I think walking in stations would allow immersive environment especially for like corporations and meetings and things like that you can get everybody together around like a long table technology has improved graphic wise since the last time they had walking in stations people’s graphic card can handle it now and if your graphic card can’t handle it you probably have an antique computer that can barely handle the internet and probably should not be playing either because it’s crashing too much laughing walking in stations was not that graphically intense back when they had it I was playing it on Asus but like 6 gigs of RAM back in 2016 before they remove the feature but I really wish they would bring walking in stations back


I’d like to see something in EVE one day that allows a person some extra freedoms in movement which may or may not lead to extra content. Will admit in SC I kinda enjoy the aspect of being able to run/eva around in station/planet environments which I mostly do just to try to get onboard someone’s else’s ship. Similarly in ED at the moment I like that I can land and take the srv to look around to explore (low grav and geysers can be interesting), and possibly space legs at some stage.

I know they are all different games and each has it’s niche but for me they are all still the same genre, and I wouldn’t not play EVE because of lack of character movements and freedoms, just feel that it might possibly enhance the gameplay a bit if they decided to go down this path again and further one day.


I would love to see this as well.

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Unless for in-game gambling services for isk/ casinos, I’d rather get all my marketing done in one spot.
I think the station walking idea would certainly be easy with today’s technology, but it seems to me to be wasteful and to no purpose. I wouldn’t want to have to walk to the market, would you?

If no one has gone back to read the CCP dev blog when they removed captain’s quarters, they said that it was taking 4-6 weeks of development time to keep captain’s quarters up to date whenever they changed something in the graphics engine. They also released some depressing statistics showing just how few people actually enabled captain’s quarters.

I think CCP are more focused on building new ships and reskinning old ships. Until they have a very compelling reason to bring it back…


Chances of this coming back, is the chances of an eve 2. Slim to none.


Don’t know what you’re getting at, everyone pretty much has to travel to different stores to get various items.

The whole idea initially with this game was to make it be more lifelike.

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We are billionares in game, our characters can pay for delivery easily when it’s on the same station.
Having to walk everywhere would be very tedious.
Thus to get WiS we need some new gameplay which suits actually being in person rather than sending an employee or using a space ship.

Possibly something along the lines of yourself and some corp/alliance mates hitch a lift, they fly out and try not to get everyone vapourized along the way to drop you on some PI installations ala dust style to hack and take them out? or a gate, cyno inhib, anything really.

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Among others this is one of the things walking in stations should be about…

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Not really sure it was a minority, we were just less vocal about it

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Oh it was a minority :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Station Streaking?

Yeah I know it’s very 1970s but it would still be funny.


With huge mullets and golden leotard uniforms? They could also incorporate a streetfighter style fighter game for isk, or just corner a player and beat the snot out of him? Pile-ons by mercenary alliances-> Specified no-go zones?
Weapons? Grocery stores? The possibilities. Not hard to incorporate with today’s tech, just highly pointless.
Look at the mess of, don’t everyone laugh, star citizen. Has that monstrosity got any better, anyone know?


We’ll never see Walking in Stations in EVE. Our best bet would be for a third party to create a seperate game that uses character data from EVE, but it’s such a mammoth undertaking we can pretty much just forget it.

I would love to have walking in station back !

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Oh God no. Not the celery.