Any chance of station walking ever again?

64 bit is something completely else than new environments and new ways of playing, anyway, try saying that to CCP. They want to go 64 bit, and they removed CQ because it bothered undersized programmer crew, they are stripping stuff left and right and the client and server is worse and worse in behavior. If you have ever seen something like that happening, you can see its a very bad situation. Like they really dont get what it takes for what they want to do, and they dont see it, or dont care about it. And still spreading their resources thin on other project. Hmm. :thinking:

Really, a bunch of dedicated players will not save them. Only proper management can. Even saving what is already there.


Skillpoints, PLEX and skill extractors play a big role in that, and the design very heavily tipped towards caps and rorquals, a gameplay very Skill intensive, that is why CCP doesnt want to nerf what is clearly OP. Because it pays.

CCP decided to sacrifice the old EVE to that reason. They found an easier way than developing some new, entirely different gameplay involving avatars and selling personifications.


I’d say no chance, the response was so unbelievably negative last time. It is the most negative response I have ever seen to any game feature.

Of course 99% of those people were really butt hurt because they could not afford the ~$80 monocle :rofl:

I swear, if that monocle had been $15 dollars we would be WiS today!

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As a new player this Line of questioning prompts in my mind the following question- what is the official norm for podpilots? Do we have apartments in some station that we come home to when we are done flying for the day or week or whatever? Or are permanently sealed in hose pods for life? As a new player, I gotta say… the game intro content technically does not define that and also sorta passively implies capsuliers are

I have not seen, as of yet, anything explicitly defining one way or the other weather pod pilots routinely exit their pods, or usually stay inside their pods? I must admit I mean in terms of what I have seen in game. In community contentent I have not tried a deep search yet but have also not noticed it as I have casually looked around trying to get my head around EVE culture.

In game, Agents when assigning missions are depicted as people in plain civilian clothes in normal every day looking rooms, which would imply that we as pod pilots have exited our pod and walked into their office to get the mission. But also I see how the whole HUD and GUI could be seen as some thing we experience inside the pod or in our mind as the data is feed to us by the pod, or something like that.

So, does anyone know for certain?

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Routinely exit pods is the answer.
What you do after that would vary a lot. I mean even a poor independent capsule pilot like we are is a millionaire or billionaire.
But I believe there is lore suggesting/saying pods only have about a month of life support in them.


groovy thanks!
that helps me with some fundamental issues i was having getting started on some short stories i want to write.

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Like most stories in EVE, there is always going to be the exception to the rule of course, someone who pushes things further. But it depends how exception to the rule you want to write, and if you want to keep to the lore or more write player fiction just based on EVE.


Hope about walking in stations some day keeps me paying 3-4 accounts monthly. I’d like to know is there hope or not?


Does anyone else remember the talk and ideas CCP had for walking in stations? Remember the talk of doicking up and exploring creepy strange old ruins, investigating derelics. Just imagine how that might have interacted with Abyssal space or other creepy strange places in new eden.

Man soo soooooo much potential for a first person experience in an EVE universe. From FPS combat to strange mysteries and horrors of deep space.
Man I was so excited for eve`s future back then.


The presentatio about WiS is from this moment untill 1:30:00

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Yet they have wasted millions on other ventures that did not pan out. It’s like they hate EVE was ever a success in the first place, like some poor actor that got typed cast in a role that he cannot shake, because he sucked at acting in any another role. I say if you’re good at one thing may as well go all in to be the best at that thing.

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The cost of WiS is way more than a few subs.

They tried it, lost their asses and pulled it. They are not going to do that again.

After the 2ND “Dust 514” fail it’s normal

They’ve try the first Dust, on console (FPS on console, who can belive in that?) in a dead console.
Well play.

They’ve try again:

And a second fail.

Now they destroy the walk in station.

CCP don’t listen players, they get slaped by reality.


Let’s be honest and blunt CCP screwed up when they are moved walking in stations I can only hope they bring it back with a 64-bit client and do something better with it allowing there to be like an area where you can meet up dance floors with some type of Internet radio streaming maybe even a DJ service of some type I mean come on we’re paying fifteen bucks a month and for some of us we’ve had little more.

I enjoyed the hang of you and you able to look at your ships and things like that but that was me I think they could do so much more with that they could even allow you to walk around inside ship when they docked up.

and they can have living quarters inside of Titans and big industrial ships because of thinking about it come on now they’re huge they would have living quarters

They can take some notes from Star Citizen and make it better because they already have a platform with a player base

PS I don’t think that star Citizens ever going to release as a game laughing

there’s so much they could do I honestly doubt they will because they seem to let that ship sail and sink it’s somewhere out in the middle of unknown space


CCP is focused in designing EVE for hardcore PvPrs and hardcore PvErs who also happen to be PvPrs. That’s their target audience and they’re happy with having a small game with a comitted albeit shrinking population.

They don’t want more players. They don’t want other types of players. Were you elected for CSM, they wouldn’t listen to you unless you were a effin master of the universe on the topic you’re dealing with. And even then, CCP won’t care about your topic unless they already planned to do something about it.

It’s endgame time. EVE will never be more than it is and no new ideas will ever be implemented unless they’re a repeat of older ideas already present in the game. Anything that once was in the game and no longer is it’s gone and dead, and of all ideas gone and dead, WiS is the gonest and deadest.

It’s just the way it is.


You say while CCP add animations to the character creator/portraits.
I suggest taking a couple of bitterbegone pills, have with food.

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LOL! Their target audience is impulse buyers to sell PLEX to. If WIS is less expensive to implement than the profit it will turn, it will be back in the game. If PVP becomes a burden on CCP/PA cash flow, it will be nerfed.

You people have to stop projecting your gamer mentality onto a corporation. They care about maximizing profit, not your specific game play.


I’m afraid not. WIS caters more to the concept of nurturing a single account by being able to admire a persona and developing him or her. Where as WIS has no real utility for a player having multiple accounts, and that is the direction CCP wants to take EVE, for better or worse it seems.

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if this toon found a way out of his room ccp can too :stuck_out_tongue: