Any Improvements for Casual Players Recently?

I’ve played EVE on and off quite a few times now. I like PvP in other games but have never wanted to put down the time and ISK for T2 items.

A guy was telling me how there are corporations that manage and direct people on the trial accounts and this makes it somewhat better to be a casual player, but if I play I’d sub so that I can use all of my skills and so-on. So how much gameplay content vs. waiting time can a guy expect? I don’t even mind being an expendable grunt-like player or something, the thing I never liked about EVE was the waiting times.

Also I’m on Linux right now, if anyone has any feedback on the state of the Linux client that’d be interesting to hear too.

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I would suggest posting up in the recruitment thread, you can outline what you are looking for and people can try and “sell you” their corp.

Eve UNI is always a good place to start, or in your case, re-start.

Well, there’s no teleportation or fast travel, so there’s a bunch of travel time, but typically you set up a base in an area and operate there. Maybe take a trip to sell the loot at some market hub once per weekend or once per month, depending on how fast it accumulates.

PVP “Content” in EVE is entirely generated by players, so your enjoyment and wait times will definitely depend on the quality of the player group you join. Or its size; if you join a large null-sec alliance like Karma Fleet, Pandemic Horde, Brave Newbies, etc., you can probably sign up to daily fleet ops, if not hourly during prime time. Always something going on, because of the size of the group being in the thousands.

My Alliance Helps out NewBros and Alpha and in December Alphas get access to upto BS hulls and tech 2 Cruiser Weapons so now is a good time to alpha and skill up to your free skill cap. Also I know our alliance plans to give out skill boosters to moon miners as incentives to keep alphas playing. Now is a good time for new players to get in. Wealth redistribution is the new name of the game with all the changes. Look me up ingame if you want more info on our alliance.

Thank you for making a post of reaching out and your concerns. Follow what someone wrote here of hit up the Recruitment Forum online or recruitment channel ingame, to find a populous PvP corp, especially massive player count if you want to be a grunt. Having or not having T2 items should not slow you down. Seems like you aren’t following rule 1 of Eve: Don’t fly what you cant afford to lose. If a full tier 2 setup fitting is costing you a large chunk of your net worth, you should either raise your income or lower your expenses. Aka fly in tech 1 and meta fitting for infinite pvp and no stress if you die.

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