Any tips on what more I could do to change things up a bit?

Okey I bet this will be shot down and trolled to death. But honestly what would be the least boring to do until I reach 60+ fitt myrmidon.

I can do level 3 just don´t have the ship yet.
I would love to go to null but solo is kind of to hard. (after 3 bad corps I rather stay solo)

I got a budget of 5mill (Yes I did career agents),

Level 2 missions
Venture mining
ded site that you don´t need to scan

Or any other fun things and idiot can do ?
I know it will takes days to reach my goal but I was think what´s the most fun to do. Been doing mining and missions a bit man need some more things so I can switch here and there to make it feel less of the same.

Lets talk first about what you can fly at the moment.

Your actions should not be dictated by others or some arbitrary efficiency. Only you, will know what you enjoy. Just do that.

As long as it does not involve the pain of others, cause space needs to remain safe.

For the glory of Darlo the Sword and Naari the Shield. By our powers combined, we are the Saviors of eve.

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you sir just won a fabulous ship in the amarr militia territory
it costs about 18 million and its yours for free
im login now to make the contract
hope your char have the same name
if not fell free to say

have a wonderful day



“Fun” is of course very subjective, friend. What you enjoy is your decision and others can’t really decide what you like.

Some in EvE enjoy manufacturing, some enjoy small gang war, some enjoy etc etc.

I suggest you do the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc (Arnon system, Sister Alitura) and/or consider joining a large nullsec (0.0-security space) new-player-friendly corp.

There are resources you might find useful in the New Players Q&A section of these forums.
Such as this (which, while older, still mostly applies as it is largely dealing with people):


Yes ofcs but it´s been hard to to come up with ideas so many things I can do but I also need to afford it and have the skills right I would love to go down no null maybe ratt and dome so pvp roams. But with a buget on 5mill and it´s just go down and blast away.

I know there is allot to do but maybe im not thinking about it.

Gila,Raven,Drake,Covetor. almost have 2mill sp.

Well there’s some unintended irony.
A search of the forums for Naari Narian and Darlo /Duro / Balos might be informative for folks…

OP, do yourself a favour, don’t involve yourself with any group where Darlo / Duro / Balos and/or Naari / Noori / Neeri etc. are in control. Those are some strange-not-in-a-good-way folks…

I been thinking can I do invasion or do I need to have allot of skills and an expensive ship?

So are you saying my advice was faulty?

Also not sure what you were insinuating. However, I can say that two nights I spent reading all there is to know about Darlo and Naari. On the third night, I was graced with an epiphany giving me the insight to briefly glimpse into the universal truths they represent.

Since then, I walk the path of a knight in service of higher entities. I’m not bound by the rules of this world anymore.

Train your Core 14 Skills up a bit or as much as you can as an Alpha before moving into expensive or even bigger ships. It will help your survive ability and fun factor.


I agree with your first two sentences. After that…nope, quite faulty.

Just the opinion of a non-believer. The reckoning will come for you eventually.

Until then, I cannot be asked to care for your lowly opinion, since I have ascended to a higher state of being.

For the other people in here I can only say. Walk you own path and walk it true. Bounty and insight awaits those who seek out their own adventures.

Making some ISK while not dying from boredom:
1 Hisec exploration in a cheap frigate, hacking data and relics, finding more complexes to plunder in your destroyer or cruiser.
2 Dipping into Losec in a frigate, killing 1 mil bounty rats (keep an eye on that Dscan)
3 Running a few L2 missions in a destroyer, get bounties, loot and salvage as an extra
4 Do some station trading in your local hub
5 repeat and/or lose a few ships in a wormhole

Also: the Tristan on near-full alpha drone skills is a battleship in disguise. Fly safe.


my alt can fly myrm :slight_smile: took me 3 days of alpha skilling + like 3 daily injectors , now the alt is ready to run some low combat sites in null , but can’t be bother tbh.

You can Salvage my Level 4 missions if you like. You are free to keep the Salvage. Tags can be sold nearby in Trading Hubs for many millions of iskies!!

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if you can fly all of that you lack the basic skills that make those stronger, i sense a lot of deaths in the near future.

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Im working on them I can use full t2 shield fit which I skilled to skill first and majority of my engineering skills are level 3 or 4 I even got all 4 compensation skills to 3.

only weapons upgrade and energy upgrade is level 2 but they are on the list. I have 2.3mill skill point I saw to it to focus on the core skills I remember that would help with tank.

The problem is wallet but im working on it doing level 2 missions in a carcal and mining in a venture but it´s starting to feel a bit dull.

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As far as skills go, EVE Uni Wiki has useful information such as

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yeah thats the one i followed