Anybody Running DED Combat Sites In Dronelands?


I’m getting a little bored of just running data sites in Dronelands and want to start trying my hand at DED combat sites. Was wondering if anybody could advise me on what kind of ship to use and if kind enough share a fit.

Also any tips on running them would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

Well its easy to give couple tips. Exact fit is for you to find out :slight_smile:
Drones do omni damage with big portion of exp/kin, so tank accordingly. Shields are far more suitable then armor for tanking them.
They are weak to Em mosly.
They shoot like marksmen.
Elite drones WILL get under your guns so small drones are a must.
DED 5/10 and 10/10 (drones have no other) just beg for a propulsion mode but otherwise are easy.
Drone unrated sites boast the titles of second heaviest in game and require tons of practice. Reward will be millions in drone parts/OPE/T2 salvage, occasional nexus chips and if very lucky, some drone mods.

Best and easiest constant money is drone 10/10 outgrowth something. As far as I know people run them multiboxing tengus ,widow is also popular as are ships like rattlesnake.nightmare paladin.
You may want to train plasma physics lvl4 so you can take the surging acc gate in second room as it’s a shortcut.
Be wary of elite drone parasite battleships they can hit very hard and have high resists but drop elite AI chips…
Last room you have to kill a structure that can web you within 50 km of it and it also reps some shields bring atleast 650-700 dps or more to kill it.
Average total site drop is usually 400-500 mil if you get lucky with sentient past surging gate can add few extra hundred mil but that’s very rare

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